I had called about my microwave and dishwasher and the old guy you sent out said he had to order the parts then he said the parts were broken so they had to re-order the parts and then it was the wrong part and now the I called like a month or so ago and I asked for somebody else because Im tired of dealing with him and now the guy said that it the microwave is broken because of me that turntable doesnt turn the light doesnt come on and the door I have to press on it to hold it shut and Im 52 years old and I do not hang on doors and I did nothing to the turntable or the lights and I want somebody else I was told somebody would call I was very upset and low and behold you guys dropped the ball again and never bothered to call back now Im at the point where if you guys dont wanna do the service just tell me Ill cut my losses and find a company that wants to work with me at one time I thought you guys were number one but you guys dropped the ball on this one and he never fixed my refrigerator he told me to run hot water in the sink and turn it on Ive tried everything old man said and it didnt work I even bought different you know cleaners enough for the dishes for him to show him everything none of it worked and I asked for somebody else that might have an opinion or might be able to fix it so Im at the point where you guys can either come and do your job or cut my losses my

User's recommendation: They are great at taking my $ but suck at fixing the issue at 0ne time they were awesome but they suck now ,the old guy could not fix it so nlamed me, I just want sonebodu to fix the microwave , the turntable stopped and light , have yo hold door shut and he blames me,

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

American Home Shield Pros: Rip off, Good sale job.

American Home Shield Cons: Getting the job done you suck.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

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