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Bottom Line…AC condenser coil went out. Contacted AHS and they sent out an individual from Greenway, who I would not recommend for anything, just read the customer reviews.

Confirmed the coil was the issue. I opted to replace the entire AC unit with a different company and chose to do a cash out. Spent $8000 on a new unit out of pocket. Took over 7 weeks for Green Way to send paperwork to AHS.

Finally received a call yesterday regarding cash out option which I informed AHS of over 6 weeks ago. Received several call regarding the coil which I told them I replaced the entire unit. The repair was estimated at almost $2000 dollars, I’m receiving $450 from AHS. The money I’ve paid them over the past three years I could have saved and been better off paying for my own repairs which I did.

I’ve never spoken to anyone for AHS before waiting at least an hour on the phone. Don’t know how companies like this are allowed to operate.

AHS if you have any issues with this review please feel free to contact me at clwoods68@gmail.com. I will echo the same sentiment….your company sucks and I will let everyone I come in contact with know.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Air Conditioner Warranty.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

American Home Shield Cons: False represntation of a home warrenty company.

Store Location: 889 Ridge Lake Blvd, Memphis, TN 38120, USA

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Perfect example of how any home warranty company operates. They would have paid Greenway $450 for a $2000 repair (in which case, Greenway would have lost over $1500, because Greenway would not be able to bill AHS more than $200, even though AHS would allow them to charge $450, still losing money at that price, in order to remain the #1 AHS service provider in the entire market).

At least, you did the smart thing and cash out, however small the amount or length of time it took to receive your check, instead of living like a refugee for months. Frankly, it gets old, reading all the complaints of health problems, asthma, pregnancy, children, etc.

and how the warranty company is evil when the customers are just plain irresponsible. If they choose to pursue a warranty repair that puts their health in jeopardy, then they value money over everything else including sanity.

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