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Water Heater failed. Pay $100 one time fee and then I am told after 3 days when plumber finally gets there that there is $664 fee for other items not covered. I am a tradesman and I know how to install a WH and what cost really are. I could buy the WH and the few fittings needed to reconnect a like WH and it would only cost about $650 in total.

So who is paying for the WH? AHS ?

If they are the idea of them representing a home warranty is a total SHAM!


I will say though the contractors are just as bad!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Home Warranty.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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The AHS plumber only wants to charge AHS for the service fee, and then has to pass the cost of the water heater and installation on to the customer. This is because AHS holds their plumber (and all the other contractors too) to a very tight average cost per call total.

Basicaly, if the plumber is charging AHS anything above the service fee, he will not get any more calls from AHS. Therefore, the customer is paying for his own water heater dilemma. On the calls where there are no non-covered costs for the homeowner to pay (like faucet leaks), the plumber has to spend his own money and time fixing it for free, not charging AHS more than the service fee, in order to keep getting more calls. They only use their short list of “preferred” contractors, because those are the contractors whom AHS has complete control over.

Look at the reviews on any contractor they use, anywhere. The reviews are deplorable, because there is no way on earth to make AHS customers happy and follow the home warranty guidelines.

So the AHS contractors sacrifice their reputation in order to work for AHS, and try to make a living off the non-covered charges. It isn’t possible.

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