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My washer and dryer both needed service. Call was placed on 8/27.

Today is 9/10 and neither has been repaired. The initial company sent out by AHS was worthless, incompetent and negligent. Their name is ALL BRANDS APPLIANCE REPAIR in JACKSONVILLE, FL. After 2 weeks of nonsense and a part orderd, the washer is still inoperable.

Now they want to send another company to see whats wrong and cannot even tell me when this new service will be out! No that I am complaining they are saying I can get my own service but have to wait until Monday the 13th for authorization! No one is able to actually intervene and assess a situation for a solution. Everyone just reads from their script and repeats all the things they CANNOT do to help you.

I have just contacted the President's office - Dave Crawford - in Germantown, TN.

The nmber is 901-537-8000. As I would expect it went to message and I can now wait for a call back, jsut as I am still waiting on a working washer and dryer.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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I hope this gets resoolved. I have had AHS for two years and I truly think it is worth its weight in gold.

Naturally, the warranty is only as good as the contractors they pre-screen.

If I were in your position I would be seriously mad, when all is said and done; your repair and parts and labor etc will still just be the $60 service callright? I hope it makes it worth it to you.

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