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I scheduled a repair for my fridge which AHS confirmed by emailing me my confirmation of date and time with the amount required at time if service being $75 for my specific plan. They called me the day before to confirm I would be home between 8 am & noon, which I was, as I had to take the morning off to accommodate their wide window of time.The service provider Sears also emailed me a confirmation of the same terms with the $75 copay required at time of service.

I received a call around 8:30 am on the day of service from the tech with Sears, who said he was about 20 minutes away but that I would be a cash account, as my work was not covered by my AHS plan. This was nuts, as I had 2 prior confirmations with the terms clearly spelled out and have a fully comprehensive plan covering everything I could cover. He insisted I call AHS to resolve this and have them call his dispatch who would update him. Once he received the information he would come out, if it was within the time frame he had allotted to my service call.

This was a nightmare, as it took about 20 minutes on hold before a customer service person took the call at AHS, after which she told me there had obviously been a clerical error and would sort this out with Sears. She was going to call me back within 20 minutes to ensure they had me on the schedule for the time slot allotted.Needless to say she neglected to call back and after about an hour I called back in to AHS with about a 35 minute hold this time round. I told the customer service person who the lady was that had helped me and even mentioned her initials which were GFG and her name was Gwen, so she could transfer me to see what had transpired.

She said that was not necessary as she could see what was happening from the notes, confirming that I was covered and should not have had this problem.

I know this and told her to check with the tech at Sears who's cell # I had for Palm Beach which was 561-714-6764 and very rude to boot.

She called Sears with me on a 3 way and after relating the entire series of events to this person, we were transferred to another Customer Relations person by the name of Cassandra. She had us on the phone for about 90 minutes as she went back and forth between the tech and various other people within the company. The tech told her he was not going to do the call without his paperwork being updated, which she seemed unable to do, since the original instructions had come from AHS. Sears were unable to change this without AHS sending them new paperwork on the claim.This was clearly the tail wagging the dog.

By this time I was fit to be tied and told the AHS person Theresa to transfer me to a supervisor, whereupon I was told there are none available at AHS. She could only give my complaint to a supervisor who would call me when they got to it, according to their schedule. She said she could submit a new claim for me and would have to reschedule the entire job for another day and time.

This is like dealing with LA La Land..........and the only people you can blame for this are the executives/management at this incompetent,inefficient, ineffective company that have ZERO leadership personnel to speak of.

If you are thinking about a home warranty company do yourself a favor and DON'T select AHS.(AMERICAN HOME SHIELD)

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $3.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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