1524 E US Highway 30, Carroll, IA 51401
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Oven stopped working September 2018 it’s now May2019 still not resolved. They are now trying to replace with a cheap knockoff.

Swimming pool stopped working 5 weeks ago and after 16 calls the only thing I have is more frustrations from dealing with people that didn’t even speak or understand English 100 percent.

They have scheduled the same contractor that could not fix my problem twice after saying they would assign someone else. Don’t waist your money here because that is the one thing they will do promptly is collect your payments

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Stop wasting your money and cancel the credit card they are using to charge you the premium. They won’t let you go easily if you should try to cancel them.

They will charge you for several more months, at minimum. As for your broken appliance and pool—the repair people aren’t getting paid, even if AHs says something is “covered”. All “covered” means is that the contractor has to find a cheap solution, and time is of no relevance. The contractor will be footing the bill without reimbursement, even in the case of an item replacement, so don’t expect anyone to get in a hurry.

AHS holds their contractors to an average cost per claim that is too low to do anything but a diagnostic. Then in order to get more orders from AHS, they must include the new items, or parts and labor on repairs. These contractors don’t even try to get retail business, because servicing home warranties absolutely wrecks their reputations, and they have no time leftover for customers of their own. That is how AHS strangles these businesses to death, but there are always more coming along, willing to give it a try.

They all enter the home warranty arena thinking they will change the world and do a good, honest job. But home warranty companies are brutal, and show no mercy on their contractors or their customers. It’s all about the lowest average cost per call. When customers figure that out, and stop buying their worthless policies, they might change.

Until then, why would they or should they spend money they don’t have to? They can replace contractors more often than they have to replace equipment!

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