DON’T get hustled by this horrible contractual company... I am just emailing, because I wanted to share my experience with AHS!

Since signing up with this company, I have had nothing but headaches and very bad service and horrible customer service. I honestly have no idea how this company could get away with charging so much money, barely ever servicing what’s expected or promised for that matter and still be in business. Not only is the customer service horrible, and the contractors all horrible, but it’s ridiculous that I have to wait on Hold for always a minimum for 45 mins to an hour just to get through and not have anything resolved. My oven has been broken for over six months now.

I’ve had a contractor many many time, and it hasn’t been fixed. I’m paying a fortune every month for what ? The last time I called to try servicing my oven for the fifth time, was on February 12th 2018 Aldine 2:30pm. I called and asked if there was a number or email I can reach out too, and the representative told me she was the one to talk to.

That there was no supervised or manager I can try talking too. I never heard of a company that doesn’t want their customers feedback or suggestion. That’s another reason this company is a bull *** scam. I can NOT wait for my contract to end.

I’ve wasted so much for *** CONGRATULATIONS, I award you WORST company, WORST staff and BIGGEST rip off company to not only exist but of 2018 too. Don’t worry about fixing my oven for the 295747272 time; I’ll go out of my expense and buy a new one even though I’m entitled to a new one through the contract I already have. Thanks for all you have helped with which is ZERO! BTW I accidentally put I have a 3 family when I really have a 2 family.

I can’t imagine how much more I’d be saving if I hadn’t made that error. That doesn’t matter though, I know I’ll have better service with the next company I sign with. I’m such a sucker for even bothering trying to get my stove fixed.

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE company this is. The WORST!

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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