AHS assigned it to someone who does not work on induction stove tops , then AHS assigned someone who could only be put 10-1 which I work so I couldn’t make that work. Finally AHS assigned heritage appliances.

The tech was very nice and meant well I believe but When the tech showed up he pulled into my house with his dog (left the dog in the car ) came in and started looking around he said the fuse is probably bad and opened up the induction unit while I stood and watched. He replaced the fuse in the stove top with a new one and the unit top turned on but the moment we tried to use the stove top it blew again. He tried this method one more time before he went out to the car and got a different fuse (of which he said was of higher voltage) when he tried that fuse He plugged the stove in and the unit blew up it made an explosion sound and he screamed and I screamed and my dog started going nuts. He immediately unplug the unit and apologized.

He immediately reached in to grab the fuse and it was so hot he dropped it on my counter. We try to plug the unit back in

But it wouldn’t turn on. Before he showed up I had a working oven because the stove top in the oven are two separate units but after he did that and made the unit explode I didn’t have a working oven or stove. He then said he didn’t want to mess with it anymore and that he would do research on the unit.

I went back to work ( while the unit was off when leaving ) and came home to a very hot kitchen I checked the oven and it was heating. I kept pressing off and it was showing off but the unit was still heating up so I had to turn the breaker off. I contacted him and told him and he said not to use the unit to turn the breaker off because it’s faulty unit. After a day I texted him again asking what the next steps were he texted me back saying that he didn’t want to work on the unit because he didn’t have experience in it and would turn the claim back into the warranty company AHS.

I asked for documents from him regarding what he did especially since he came to my house when I had JUST no stove top and left me with NO STOVE OR OVEN. I’ve been contacting the warranty company and they said they were going to send a certified Whirlpool appliance tech out to my home to take a look at it. Whirlpool then called me to schedule this appointment and asked me what was going on and when I told him what happened they told me they would not work on it because The previous tech did so much damage. I then reached out to my warranty company again and they contacted Whirlpools to send a technician out to at least diagnose The issue.

When whirlpool came out the technician came in and looked at the unit and said that the unit was fried and that he would not be comfortable even replacing the parts on the unit because it exploded but what he had to do for his company was put in the work order of all the different parts of the unit because they would all need replaced even though he couldn’t specify what was actually broken on the unit because it was in such bad condition. He said their would be future issues that he could not speak on because it’s beyond what he could see. The most he could do was write down the different parts of the unit because it was a faulty unit. He also informed me that he himself would not be comfortable replacing the parts on the unit because of how extensive it is.He said he could not guarantee that replacing the parts would fix the internal guts of the issue and that what the heritage tech did made the unit unsafe.

He told me he was going to send in the information to you as company but his company was trying to just replace the parts even though he said that wouldn’t guarantee A fix or that it wouldn’t be faulty down the road. There’s no way to determine how much damage that explosion did. After this I contacted my warranty company again spoke to Megan who was very nice a reassuring. She told me that she would reach out to the technician and get the information from the technician so that we can just replace the unit because it is unsafe due to what the heritage tech did.

After that I did call again and spoke to Miss Ramirez and she informed me that she also to agree that this is an unsafe unit and she would get the appropriate people involved because this is now been an ongoing situation. Both ladies where very nice and helpful. I am going to provide screenshots of the conversation between me and the tech as well as pictures of the different fuses that tech used as well as some of the damage that he caused. I am very upset and concerned.

I would like someone to contact me regarding this issue immediately. I have had to eat out or catch fast food every meal for two weeks since the tech exploded my unit.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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