I have had an issue with my AC for over 4 months. I have had to call AHS to request for service on 4 separate occasions to resolve the same issue. The issue was my air was not blowing cold air, but everything else was working properly. Fist vendor came and fixed it and it worked for about 30 days, then stopped working again. Then another vendor came out and fixed it again and it worked for 64 days and I had to pay for the Freon out of pocket (in full). After 64 days the air stopped working again, right after the 60 day warranty expired....Then I paid for another service call once again for the same issue. This company came and identified that the previous company put too much leak check into the line when putting in the Freon and caused the system to fail. As everyone knows, you don't have the ability to choose your vendor. So I called and explained this to AHS and they seemed to care little about that. I complained that the previous vendor that AHS assigned to me is the reason I am now paying this deductible and causing me to be without any air until it is fixed. No one heard or even addressed that after 4 different calls. I asked to speak with a manager, no one was available. I felt like I was just being passified by being asked to call back later and they should have an update. I have now been without any air for 12 days in the middle of summer! I have called every day and get the same response, your part is currently being ordered. We are looking for the cheapest price we can get and this takes time so we will get it to you as soon as possible.

I called another company just to ask if they could provide this service and how long would it take for them to replace the condenser. I provided them with the part and information on what was needed and they provided me with a quote and a date for installation within 24 hours. Meaning my air would be on and functioning by tomorrow. I have now been waiting 12 days and still don't have confirmation that my part has been delivered and when they will be coming out to perform the install. Bad business!

My biggest complaint is there is not accountability for bad service and

service is only covered 60 days or it will be considered a new issue.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

American Home Shield Cons: Horrible customer service and business practices, Long lead times for repairs to be performed, Vendors are not qualified requiring additional service, No accountability for vendor negligence.

Store Location: 3574 E Lincoln Hwy, Kinzers, PA 17535, USA

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You made a bad decision by choosing to recharge your ac system and the leak stop. You obviously had a bad leak, and should have chosen to spend the money on a system replacement instead of paying for the service call and freon on a bandaid repair.

Surely, you knew that leak stop is not a “repair”. The freon money you spent was just flushed down the toilet or thrown out the window, and you should have been looking to purchase a new system. A home warranty is NEVER going to replace your whole system. If you get anything more than a bandaid, it will be a partial repair at best, only if they can’t deny the claim completely.

For $6000 you can get a complete new system within 24 hours, every time. Ahs only allows their HVAC contractors to charge an average of $200 per claim. Seriously!!! Just ask your AHS contractor what his target average ticket total is, which is established by their contractor relations representative, who has the power to cut them off for going over.

Bear in mind, this $200 ticket total includes the customer’s service fee AND the cost of all parts and equipment. So where would a new system come from?

Answer: straight out of the HVAC contractor’s pocket!!!! Not AHS’s!!!!


"Fixed" my a/c five times in five years -- always claiming it was low on Freon -- obviously never fixed the leak. A/c not working -they replaced the furnace -- Five months later, the a/c was blowing hot air -- claimed it was out of warranty already -- plus newly installed furnace doesn't use the new fuel that will be required within two years.

In short, AHS forces you to work with contractors who have AHS's interests in mind, not yours. Avoid at all costs.


Yes. You are correct.

The contractors have to serve their master, who is definitely NOT the customer. Don’t blame the contractor. It’s their misfortune to have to work for such a terrible master, and have such miserable customers at the same time. Such misery for all.

Let others know how horrible home warranties are, and stop doing stupid. Kiss them goodbye and don’t look back.

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