My washer stopped working on Aug 24, I opened a work request early on Aug 25 and the repairman didn't show up until Aug 29th. The repairman said the part he needed could be bought locally but AHS had to ship the part, so it would be at least a week.

On Sept 8th the repairman installed a new part but found out a different part was needed; the repairman said he again would have to wait on the part from AHS. I called AHS the afternoon of Sept 8th and explained the situation and that I had already spent $60 at the laundry mat. The AHS rep was very friendly and understanding, he said he would call the repair company, expedite the part, see about getting my money back for the laundry mat and call me back. Guess what?

He never called me back! On Sept 12 I called AHS again (actually had to call several times to finally get through due to long wait times). The rep seemed to not really care and sounded like she was eating while we spoke. The rep said she didn't see a record of me calling in Friday and nothing could be done to speed up the part.

I said "so the other rep from Friday blew me off?" but she wouldn't answer. I than told her I wanted to speak with a supervisor and what a surprise, one wasn't available. No one for AHS has contacted me. The repairman came out on 22 Sep and the second part didn’t fix the problem.

Now he has to order another part and he said it will be another week. That means it will be over a month before the washer is repaired (maybe) and more money that I have to spend at a laundromat! The fact that it’s been almost a month and the washer still isn’t fixed is unacceptable.

I also find it odd that the parts could be obtained locally within one to two days (according to the repairman) but he was forced to wait on AHS to ship the parts to him. Lastly, now I’ve spent $80 at a laundromat in addition to the $75 for the service call; I feel I should be repaid for my laundromat charges since the extended repair time is not fault of mine.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $80.

Store Location: 889 Ridge Lake Blvd, Memphis, TN 38120, USA

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WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY TO BUY THIS INSURANCE. Per AT Appliance, AHS will order required parts...horrible and calling them they put you on hold for hours...


My washer still isn't fixed! The repairman came out last week to install a part and now it needs another part!

He said AHS will only ship one part at a time!! Now I'm out a titla of $140 from going to a laundromat.

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