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I filed to have my dryer fixed on December 16, 2018. It is now February 4, 2019 and it is STILL not fixed.

I have called both the repairman they contracted and AHS numerous times. Both give me the runaround. When you try to call their corporate headquarters, they loop back out to the inadequate customer service that have such a thick accent that you can't understand half of what they say.

Not only is the service expensive it is pitiful. I will be canceling my service and making sure all my friends and relatives know what horrible service they provide.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Homeowners Policy Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $225.

Preferred solution: I want my dryer fixed and I want the 2 months of service refunded since I didn't get anything for it!.

American Home Shield Cons: Whole process to resolve the problem, Bad customer service- bad service-, Turn around time for service, Bad vendor selection, No resolution to issue.

  • Rip Off Company
  • Long Waits
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this little “analysis is the reality of home warranty work. Denials, and if there is no way to stretch the truth enough for that, delay for as long as possible. May your air conditioner go out on the 4th of July


This is the exact same complaint as the previous one, so here is the exact same response to it. The reason that you aren’t getting a new dryer (and you are getting the runaround) is that the tech company has to pay for it either way: whether they give up on fixing it, or if they choose to keep working on it.

It is hard to wrap your mind around this truth, that your “coverage” is provided by the tech company, not AHS. AHS only hires under contract service providers who will agree to one objective: accept the low service fee which the customer pays, not AHS’ money, in exchange for the service required to keep the machine going. Whatever the service company can or will do comes out of their own wallet, and they don’t bill AHS anything. The decision is always going to be to do the least amount possible, because nobody wants to spend any money.

You don’t, AHS won’t (because the contractor and the tech company have an “understanding”), and that just leaves the tech company that has to look busy fixing it with no one paying them and spending their own money on you. Parts cost money, but new dryers costs more. They will do the cheapest thing possible, because all they’ve been paid is $100, and that’s all they’re going to get. It’s a nice idea to think that AHS has set your money aside that they’ve received from you or from the realtor who bought your plan for you, and that they will happily spend it on your needs.

That’s what you expect to happen. However, they wouldn’t make any money doing business that way. Costs would be out of control, because everyone would buy a home warranty and try to rebuild their entire neighborhood. Vendors would have a spending spree.

AHS would lose money. So instead, they rope contractors into accepting just the service fee and AHS promises to send them all their calls and that it will work out to the contractor’s Advantage. It doesn’t. It comes out to AHS’ advantage, of course.

There are few instances where the contractor or customer wins, much like a casino. How about just buy yourself a dryer? They are not as much as a 1 year AHS plan. They are disposable, like most modern appliances.

High efficiency, short lifespan. Also, and most importantly, AHS will fire the contractor if a bill is sent for your new dryer. So the contractor will not be saying you need a new dryer. He would have to pay for it himself, and not bill AHS or he would be cut loose from AHS, and no more $100 service fees coming his way from AHS.

No more opportunities to upcharge AHS customers. No more easy $100 calls in which the claim can be denied. No more free $100 when the customer misses their appointment. No more $100 “second opinion” service calls.

No more $100 quick fix or “no malfunction found” service calls. It’s back to waiting on the phone to ring with legitimate customers, the lack of which has led them to join forces with AHS in the first place.


Read what I wrote. I NEVER SAID I WANTED A NEW DRYER and never expected one.

I want my dryer FIXED. I paid for the service, I want it fixed. I don't care what their issue is on their end. If they offer you a service, then they ought to be able to provide it.

So, your little "analysis" of what's going on is pretty much hot air. I've filed a complaint with BBB. I will get this resolved one way or another.

I just think people should know that they say they will provide a service and they don't follow through. I would hate to see other people waste their money on this company.


Wah wah was I want I want I want. I don’t care about anybody but myself


Get a life.


Get a dryer




Good luck with your complaint to the bbb. As you can see, you aren’t the first, and you won’t be the last.

AHS and the repairman could care less about anything except your money. Have fun with that.