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I live in Youngtown AZ - don't know how bad service is elsewhere. I considered First American but their prices were double. This is now over 3 weeks.

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Called for two toilets that wouldn't flush. 5 days later plumber came out - one fixed one not He said they were fine.

Next day same problem - called - on hold 1.57 minutes-then got idiot in India or wherever and I said I don't have time for this - want another plumber., She said no they would send same one - ok - they did. Nothing different, Couple days later asked to speak to a supervisor -told they were busy - and "Melinda" in India or wherever couldn't even pronounce Melinda argued with me for 20 minutes. Told her I want another company and I am NOT paying a new fee. Then a new company plumber came out land told my son the "flapper" was old and corroded The first plumber just put it in a week before.

Then he said oh, well you need to pour vinegar down the toilet every time yo flush it. WHAT???? Next day it overflowed again. I called back.

same story of long wait time and India people who kept calling it a water closet - this is not the 1900's. It is a toilet. Said they would not replace it - it was fine and would send a senior tech out. I said what have you been sending out guys who graduated last month?

Today a "senior tech" is suposed to come.

I want a new toilet or I am telling him I am going to the BBB, corporate of AHShield and yelp and anything else I can find. During this virus I have 4 people clomping in and out of my upstairs bath - I am sick of it.


Product or Service Mentioned: Dometic Toilet.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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