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This company (American Home Shield) is worthless and not worth the money for the Home Warranty they offer. The contractor's they choose to send to your home are just as worthless.

They either never show, or when they show they do not complete the show and have the worse communication skills I've ever run into or experienced. I have waited 3 weeks to get a washing machine repaired, and 2 weeks to have the outside unit of a heat pump serviced, and all they can say is turn on the emergency heat. Why should it even take 2 to 3 weeks to wait for service or to have a repair performed?

I plan on reporting them to The Federal Trade Commission and to the Secretary of State Consumer Affairs Division. Everyone should know that this warranty is absolutely worthless.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Home Warranty.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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This is not what you want to hear, but since you asked, here it is: The reason it takes so long is that the contractor has to foot the bill for the parts and labor, and when there is nothing to collect in the form of non-covered items (out of pocket expenses) for the homeowner, the contractor is losing money that he can’t recoup. You see, they are on a flat fixed rate price of only getting to charge AHS around $200 for an HVAC call and less than that for an appliance or plumbing call.

All calls pay the same amount. Whether big or small, the contractor gets paid the same low flat rate, or else he doesn’t get any more calls from AHS. That’s the deal. The contractors are absorbing the costs instead of AHS, but there is no financial compensation for buying parts and going back to install them.

You just have to wait, or accept a cash-in-lieu offer from AHS for a paltry sum. If you call a retail company, it will cost much more, but repair will get done immediately so the contractor can get paid. In the home warranty world, the HVAC contractor gets $200 in about monthafter going to your home the first time, and that’s it. They are unable to charge AHS any more than that.

They get a high volume of AHs calls in exchange for doing this. They are always promised way more calls than what they actually receive—keeping the contractor going by dangling carrots in front of them and cracking the whip over them. This is why the repairs take so long. Ask the contractors.

Of course they can’t level with you, or it will jeopardize their future with AHS. So they lie, and say the parts aren’t in yet. They’re in, or still at the parts house. They just haven’t been to buy them yet because they aren’t getting paid to do that and they are losing money, and they are busy handling the new incoming calls so they can collect more $200 service fees and not lose the AHS work contract.

All they are interested in at the service contractor’s office is more NEW calls, denials, and non-covered expenses for homeowners. If you aren’t in any of those categories, you’ll just have to wait.

You are in the “waiting for parts” file on someone’s desk. Not what you want to hear, but it is what it is.

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