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Update by user Feb 01, 2015

After I posted this review, an extremely helpful and friendly lady from AHS called to discuss things with me. She offered to send me a check for $1000, which I accepted.

I used that money to buy and install all new plumbing for the entire house.

I did all of the work myself, including completely gutting the bathroom. The only thing I hired anyone for was the tile work in the bathroom.

Original review posted by user Nov 29, 2014

I contacted American Home Shield on Monday about a water leak under the slab of my 22 year old house. The earliest the local plumbing company they contract with could be at my house was between 2:00 and 5:00 on Wednesday. At 2:30 on Wednesday, I hadn't heard from the plumber, so I called. I was told they would have to reschedule me for between 10:00 and 1:00 on Friday. Finally, around 11:00 on Friday, a plumber showed up. After tearing out large sections of my wall, scratching his head, and general indecisiveness, the plumber said he would have to come back the next day (Saturday).

The plumber came back Saturday morning, ripped up the carpet in the bedroom closet adjacent to my bathroom, busted *** in my slab, dug a bunch of dirt out and made a mess in my closet. He then decided that the leaking water line wasn't accessible from the location he was working in and said it was under my bathtub. He called American Home Shield and told them there were two options.

First, he told them, the bathtub could be removed and a direct repair could be made to the leaking line. The second option, he said, was to run a new line from the water meter, under the slab, and tie it into the manifold in the location he'd already exposed. He said that American Home Shield wouldn't even let him fully explain the second option. He told me that they simply said "no way" and put him on hold.

While the plumber was on hold with American Home Shield, they called me and told me that I would have to remove and then replace the bathtub at my own expense. The woman told me that they would not pay for what seems to be the more sensible option: running a new line. I was told that I would have to remove the tub, call them when I had it done, and they would send the same company back to repair the leak.

Five days after I called American Home Shield, the only things that have been done are ripping up my carpet, removing large sections of wall from my bedroom closet, busting a big hole in the floor of my house, making a mess, and charging me American Home Shield's $75 fee. I can not turn the water on at my house because of the leak under the slab, which means I can't live here. Now I'm being told by American Home Shield that I have to essentially destroy my bathroom myself, at my own expense, so the plumber can come in and make another hole in the floor of my house and maybe find and repair the leak. Once that's done, I have to put my bathroom back together, again at my own expense, and hope for the best.

I called American Home Shield and asked them if they would pay $1000 (the amount they'll pay for a repair of a slab leak anyway) towards the cost of running a new water line, and cash out my contract so I could cover the balance of the cost for it, since I DO NOT plan on renewing it or ever dealing with them again. I was told that they don't cover the cost of running a new water line, even if it is the solution that makes more sense, and they would not cash out my contract.

This is my first (and hopefully my last) experience with American Home Shield. As far as first impressions go, American Home Shield seems to me to be a bunch of crooks who are only interested in collecting the purchase price of the contract and not paying to have a supposedly "covered" claim repaired. I haven't completely ruled out the option of suing them in small claims court.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Plumbing Warranty.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

American Home Shield Cons: Slow and no integrity, Service and customer service, Communication.

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Oh my goodness, sounds almost like ours, we 3rd day without heat. we finally had to purchase heaters, we were smelling a gas smell for about a week, we were off work so we called American Home Shield, the first constractor we paid 125.oo to, was 20 and inexperienced.

He said the smell was a nest, so we requested another and had to wait another day, paid another 125.00 they found out the smell was carbon dioxide poisoning .. and the unit was bad, hours after, they call us baCK AND TOLD US IT WAS DENIED..

because we did not have a filter in the hall way.... sounds like their job has turned into how NOT to approve a claim.


Yes this company is full of it. There so much that they say they will do and do nothing so don't go along with them there full of ***.


How strange, I am currently having the exact same issue except the plumbing company had failed to show up and Fix the pipe for a month now and ahs basically tells me I have no option to go with them. I called another plumber and he estimated the work at around 600 where the ahs plumber estimated the work around 600

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