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Contractor came out said coils needed to replaced had Freon leak. They had been patched 3 times prior.

Each time I was charged $400 to $700 for non- covered Freon.. AHS authorized them to come out and replace. Would take 3 to 4 weeks to come in. ComfortPros temporarily patched coil to hold till new part came in.

Instead I was told by the owner of ComfortPros that he used a different used coil that had been refurbished. It didn't even look the same. Then when I checked back to see when the part would be in again AHS said it the part was cancelled due to used one was still working . They refused to replace coils.

They at ComfortPros lied numerous times.

AHS could careless they are all about the money. I have been a customer for 27 years and care 4-5 contracts at a time on multiple homes. And have referred many people over the years and they could careless.

I just want it fixed right. I spent 5 hours today on hold and switched from dept to Dept and got no where.

User's recommendation: Beware you cant talk to anyone without an hour minimum ho;d time. they have the worst customer service.

Monetary Loss: $625.

Preferred solution: Do the job originally authorized to do. and contact me concerning resolution of this matter!.

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The longtime home warranty Customers have the worst homes to work on! After 27 years of being a home warranty customer, you should know that you aren’t going to get a solid repair or a big ticket replacement without putting up a huge fight.

Come on, why would AHS not patch this system one more time? Since the contractors who work for AHS are under obligation to keep the costs down to maintain the working relationship, the cheapest thing is the solution. Realistically, the whole system needs to be replaced but it’s not Going to benefit them to do so. Ahs will make the contractor do the work for free, and will punish the contractor who recommends replacement with less future work.

Check the reviews on the contractor and you will see that working for ahs ruins the reputation of a contractor, to the point that nobody will use that contractor if there isn’t a home warranty.

As the contractor becomes totally dependent upon AHs, they will do ANYthing to keep Ahs happy—including screw the customer. Do yourself a favor and buy a new system and cancel the home warranty.

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