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Use of subpar, incompetent contractors and misleading warranty work in contract and advertising. Unwilling to fix problem as needed.

Recently purchased (5-31-15) American Home Shield based upon warranty provisions. As part of our normal AC maintenance, we had Tampa Electric come out and do a free energy audit. As a result of that, they said that our Heat Pump was not cooling correctly.

We called AHS and they sent AirBoss (“F“ BBB rating and an Alert for misleading advertising by using the BBB Logo) to diagnose the problem. AirBoss said the only problem was an Accumulator and replaced it. They wanted to recharge the system with $700+ of Freon at my expense. I asked them to check the coils twice and they found no problems either time.

I hired, at my own expense, two independent AC companies come out and they found multiple leaks in the coils. Both Vendors recommended a system replacement (coils could not be repaired correctly) and said that recharging the system with Freon at this point would be a waste of money because it would all eventually leak out. AHS warranty on the Freon is only 60 days. With a slow leak, you can guarantee constant Freon recharges at my expense. This is not fixing the problem.

I asked AHS to reassign a new Vendor. They sent out ACE Heating & Cooling who found multiple leaks in the coils. We were told that they would come back out in 4 days with replacement coils and recharge the system.

When the scheduled time arrived, we got a call from the technician from ACE on route. He started out saying he wanted us to understand that they were just removing the coils to try to fix them and it would be another 3 to 5 days without AC. What?????? It was like he knew we were told something else and wanted to make sure that we were aware that the story changed.

We are having 90+ degree weather and 90 percent humidity. We already have gone 4 days without AC. This was very misleading and called Ace Heating and Cooling. The owner was rude, arrogant and decided he did not want to work with us. I called AHS back to get another Vendor, the wanted to assign another subpar vendor and charge another service fee. The original problem has never been fixed. Everything to this point has been misleading and/or incompetent. We are trying to figure out the next steps. They want to send out another subpar contractor and want to keep charging services fees. I cannot get them to fix the problem.

I am considering other courses of action.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

American Home Shield Cons: Poor customer service.

  • incompetent customer service reps
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