This company repeated failed to fix my A/C issues, then terminated my service upon my contract ending. A/C still not repaired a year later.

We had AHS since purchasing our Home in 2015.

Had no issues with them in servicing various things like our Furnace and Water heater, and then 2018 came. In early May 2018 our A/C wasn't working so we placed a service call for repair thru AHS. AHS sent out one of their contracted companies to look at our A/C unit. It was determined that the unit was out of freon and that the inside unit needed replaced.

So, I paid the $75 service fee and approximately $850 for refilling the freon and modifications that AHS didn't cover for the repair. Flash forward to 8/31/2018 and our A/C is put to the test again and yet again when we need it, it fails. Place the service call through AHS like we are supposed to again. They send out a different company that determines the unit outside needs replaced and oh yeah, the unit needs refilled again.

After a horrible experience back and forth with a supposed corporate level associate we pay out of pocket approximately $150 for this fix. Now, mind you, each time we try to get someone out to fix our A/C it takes weeks as it isn't a real priority for them to fix and the last "fix" had the problem report on 8/31/18 and the issue not be fixed until 10/3/2018. As you might imagine, it wasn't really hot come October 3rd so while they did test the A/C system, it never really got put to the test. That is until this last weekend.

Now, before I get to that I must point out that after this issue was finally resolved AHS sent me a letter indicating that when my contract expired on 5/13/2019 that they wouldn't be renewing with me. Convenient as that is. So now, this past weekend we had temperatures in the upper 90s so the A/C was being used, as is to be expected. And wouldn't you know it, even though I basically had an entirely new A/C system, per the words of the upper level corporate individual at AHS, I have an A/C system that has failed.

The line from the unit outside to the house has many sections where ice if visible. Not good from what I've read about online. Needless to say, I emailed my contact at AHS not expecting them to do anything, which was confirmed by a different person. So, I now have to clean up an issue that AHS should have taken care of back in May 2018 but dragged their feet only putting a band aid on the issue as it was more "cost effective" for them.

I have additionally contacted the company AHS sent out to do the repairs the last time but haven't had any contact back from them.

Photos attached are what the line looks like after the first heat wave this summer and my A/C failing to work. My supposedly basically brand new A/C Unit.

If you are thinking about getting an AHS, HSA, Landmark, OneGuard or any of their relate products like AmeriSpec, Furniture Medic, MerryMaids, ServiceMaster Clean, ServiceMaster Restore or Terminix as every company I just listed falls under the same conglomerate known as Frontdoor, Inc.

Instead of getting one of the named companys above, just burn your money. You may actually get more satisfaction out of that.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $5.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

American Home Shield Cons: Just about every interaction i had with them.

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