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Company refuses to honor Contract agreements. Customers are left paying for repairs out of pocket. The Ac unit to my home is not up to housing code or even hurricane codes for Florida. The system constantly breaks down due out dated parts that constantly break repeatedly. One of the major issues is vibrations of the unit because the unit is about 30 years old and the vibrations issues will not be fixed until unit is fully replaced. Due to the vibrations the line to the r22 constantly breaks and leaks even after assurance of inspection that the line is new and will not fail and the r22 constantly is lost. Due to EPA regulations, or at least according to how AHS understands them, the units using r22 are no longer in code American Home shield has decided to no longer cover the cost to replace the r22 fully and will only pay $10 per pound to the cost. The Cost of r22 being charged by AHS service businesses is $50 to $60 per pound leaving customers to bear the burden of paying almost $600 on top of the service fee which comes to a grand total of $675 each visit. The Ac unit goes down several times in the year leaving me to paying this amount each time. AHS assures me that the problem is suppose to be fully fixed and will not happen again in a reasonable about of time however this is not the case it will happen within a few weeks again. The unit vibration can only be fixed properly and corrected by a new unit because of the age of the current unit in my home. I've had the everything from boards to fans to motors to the coils all be replaced SEVERAL times over and still the vibrations won't go away and the r22 line constantly breaks free or off and we've not had lived in the house more then 3 years even.

I pay nearly $800 for my contract, it's the top of the line package, with American Home Shield to have all out of building code repair costs covered. American Home Shield doesn't want the companies to fix the problem fully because they know they will have to replace the entire unit in order to have the main issue of the vibrations and repeated part break downs that cause the r22 line to break free to be COMPLETELY fixed. They are also telling the service providers not to look for the root core issue just do band aid patches. THIS IS NOT WHAT MY CONTRACT AGREEMENT SAYS THE WILL DO nor is it what I'm paying for. The agreement is that ALL problems will be fixed and if the only way to fix all the ac problems is to replace an out of code unit because the vibrations are constantly causing the r22 lines to break then it needs to be done. American Home Shield will hide behind EPA in order to not have to pay for services but when EPA rules can also favor the customer they will ignore them and tell their providers to lie to them. When I question the service techs, this is what they are telling me that American Home Shield is telling them to do. I have been without my ac unit working now for well over a week for the 2nd time this summer after the it was "fixed" back in May and everything was assured to be "checked over" to be sure it would function properly through the summer now I'm stuck again with another broken line and have 3 children as well as myself with health issues living with fans running and it being over 90 in the house while all American Home Shield will do is "research" the issue to delay things. What they are really "researching" is how to find the loop hole not to have to pay for the new unit. This company is allowing scams on the customers of having to pay a 400% mark up cost for r22 because AHS refuses to fully hold to contract agreements with customers costing us thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses on top of paying them for the warranty. I'd be willing to pay $110 if the r22 was $20 a pound with AHS covering half but not $40 to $50 on top of what AHS is already paying them. This ac unit is not just my ac it also my furnace for heating in the winter and it breaks down in the winter as well and if I don't have it pipes will freeze costing me more issues and damage to my home.

I've had other problems be fixed by AHS and those companies that needed to be called did right by getting the proper information to AHS to have all the out of code items in my home replaced like my Hot Water Heater which at the time we didn't have the out of code coverage and it only cost us $250 and AHS had no issues replacing the entire water heater system then but now that we do have the coverage AHS refuse to replace anything now because they know they have to cover fully.

If they continue to fight me about not covering it they'll be canceled on the spot.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

  • Waste of money
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I am currently having the same issue AC related. They used codes not covered as a reason to not cover everything that has a code.

When I got this contract they did not make me aware of the fact that they can choose to not cover anything that is code related and they have the choice to cover or not cover the issue. Therefore since my AC coil has to be replaced which means they also have to change the AC coil and pan I am out of pocket $2100. AHS is only paying for the cost of the coil and labor. They will not pay for the pan due to the code.

I Think that AHS should cover repairs.

I pay $83 a month and seldom use the services. I believe this is ridiculous.


AHS Contract Disclaimer: "Service requests are subject to a fee for each trade call. Some exclusions and limitations apply."


My compressor went out and it is 94 in Florida today. Although the parts are locally available they refuse to authorize the local parts and now I have to wait 5 days for delivery of the part because it is cheaper for AHS.

AHS is a rip off, I will be looking for a new warranty company. ASAP..Stay Away from AHS...

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