What’s the point in having a home warranty If it’s going to cost as much or double than if I just did it myself. Here are some examples…

My AC compressor went out and American home Shield said, “yeah we will cover the cost of the compressor and installation!” Here I am saying “great let’s do it”.

However, the heat and air company associated with American Home Shield charged me $660 for Freon even though my compressor still had half a charge. So now in the present time, actually three days ago my water heater sprung a leak. So I pay the $75 and have the American home Shield plumbers come out ( The plumbers company name is affordable leak detection) to my house to tell me that I need a new water tank. So I call American home Shield and they tell me “yes we will cover the cost of a brand new water tank and, and installation!

“ however, they say, “the plumbers say they can install it but they have to make a few modifications that will cost you $943” are you kidding me?!! You can get a brand new water tank at Home Depot for $440. Plumbers charge an average of $45-$65 an hour. So even at $65 an hour at 10 hours that’s 650 bucks.

650+450 is $1100. So, for $200 more I could buy and install a water heater for the price they are charging for “modifications”. American home shield and their referrals are a con!

You shouldn’t have to pay what it would cost if you didn’t have a warranty when you have A WARRANTY!! I think it’s time for a class action!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Home Warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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