Herndon, Virginia

So tired of dealing with them. Need a garbage disposal fixed.

Call them, they assign a plumber - who doesn't call. Two days later, call AHS back, they assign another plumber, who doesn't call. Give it two days again, call AHS back. Three more day and the plumber finally does call.

He comes in the next day, looks at it, without removing anything, and says it's an electrical and to call an electrician. Husband has to take it apart, checks the electric. That's not the problem, there is a broken part. Call AHS back.

They send the same plumber. He agrees now that it is the disposal, but doesn't know if it can be fixed, it may have to be replaced. He is going to call AHS to see what they can do. 4 days later - I get an email from AHS, it's a survey.

I decide to fill it out, mark it very dissatisified, and fill in the comment. Can't submit it, is says I need to complete the answer. I look, everything is completed, still no go. I call AHS, they are still waiting on report from plumber.

Tell me I have to hold while they do that. I ask them to call me back with info - they say no, I have to wait (do I work for them?). When I tell them I have waited long enough and shouldn't have to wait on hold while they make a phone call - they hang up on me! So I call back.

Go through the same thing - they still make me wait. Like a fool, I wait, because I'm paying for this service, and still need the disposal fixed.

The plumber promises to send in his report that day. Call ends with AHS thanking me for choosing them.....I laugh out loud and said if I could go back in time, I sure would not have.

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:( DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY it took 3 wks to find aplumber to take the job they claim they are with the BBB WELL THEY ARE BAD BAD BUSSINESS PASS IT ON


They are very good at giving people the runaround. They sent over 5 different guys to look at my air, 4 from the same company these guys know nothing.

Finally sent a Qualified tech from another company and they cried about having to pay for something more than someone recharging system a couple of times. AHS can go down with the Devil, they deserve it.-- DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY-- pass it on

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