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When we bought our new home we were delighted to learn that it came with a home warranty on all major appliances. Wow, were we naive.

Shortly after moving in our refrigerator died. We quickly called American Home Shield (AHS) to see what could be done. Then informed us that they would send a tech out to see if it could be repaired.

The tech came out and told us the fridge needed a new compressor and dryer. He stated that he would forward his findings to AHS. Within 24-48 hours someone from AHS called us and told us that the tech stated that due to 3rd party tampering the fridge could not be covered under the warranty, no repairs would be done, goodbye.

I called the contracted tech's company asap after this call. I spoke to the staff their who stated that is not what the tech reported and that I should call AHS back. So I did. I spoke to a man at AHS and told him the run down and asked what they were trying to pull by fabricating that report. He apologized and stated AHS made a mistake and that the tech would be approved to order parts and make repairs.

A week or so goes by, the tech returns, replaces the parts in the fridge and bam, the fridge works....for one week, then it dies again.

We call AHS again. They send out the same tech to inspect. He does some further testing and tells us that the their is an internal leak somewhere inside the fridge that was not their during his first inspection. He states that the fridge is no longer repairable as no one will replace internal coils. okay, cool. we get a new fridge, right? WRONG!

We wait to hear from AHS about what to do next, but no phone call arrives. Instead, we get an email reminding us that a tech is coming to inspect our fridge. Mind you, we did not get notified of this by a person, just an email We have no idea what is going on. I call the company listed on the email and ask them why are they schedule to come repair our unrepairable fridge. The gal tells me that AHS told them it was a second opinion they needed. I told the gal everything that had happened to date and she was appalled. We had been out of a fridge for a month already and they wanted us to wait another week for a second opinion. The gal told me that they will not repair internal leaks either and the work order was a waste of time and wrong for AHS to put us through all this. She told me to call AHS back and demand that if they want a second opinion that they find someone who can come out next day to do it,

I call AHS back and relay the message. I am placed on hold for who knows how long, then told that Sears can come out in 5 days to inspect. I reluctantly agree. The Sears tech comes and states the fridge needs a new compressor and dryer. He thinks the leak is external, thought to be sure they have to replace what they already replaced the first time AGAIN! Mind you, I could have already bought a new fridge for the amount of money AHS paid in parts and labor at this point!

The Sears tech schedules us for a repair date and orders the new parts. He prints off a receipt that shows our scheduled repair date and approximate time for the following week (a friday). I *** the day from work, schedule my activities around this repair and no one shows up. I get a voicemail recording "reminding" me of my appointment on the next business day. WHAT! I call Sears and say, hey wait a minute, you can't change a scheduled appointment on the day and time you are supposed to be here! They don't care "Sorry ma'am, you are scheduled for ..." Bull ***. I ask for a supervisor, wait for 30 minutes for one to pick up the phone, he then almost immediately transfers me to a third party repair company (instead of fixing the problem himself, he passed the buck...great leadership skills there Sears!). The third part picks up. It is a male with a heavy Arab accent. He proceeds to YELL at me that my appointment was not that day. I tell him I have the paperwork to show it IS today! I can fax it, text it, or email it to him to show that it is typed on a receipt with today's date. He again YELLS at me basically calling me a liar. At that point I hung up. No refrigerator is worth this abuse.

I call AHS back and ask to speak to a supervisor. I get a man's voicemail. I leave a detailed message about the treatment I received from sears and their NO Show. He NEVER calls back. Instead a female, not a supervisor calls back and acts like a complete *** calls me. I repeat everything to her and tell her that we are no longer working with sears. I had already, at this point, called Sears and told them not to come for the repair and to pick up the parts they had order and return them. USPS was schedule to pick up next day. AHS *** lady tells me Sears has to do the repair. I counter that Uh, no they don't. They have many companies they contract with. Parts are being returned, contract with Sears over. Fix it. She says it is Sears or nothing. I explain to her that a tech they contracted already told them that the system in non repairable....why are we being punished because of their lack of trust in their own techs? We had been out of a fridge for almost 2 months now with 4 children in the home. Two of which drink a gallon of milk within two days. Can you say NIGHTMARE! She has no sympathy.

I told her that at this point it is illogical to keep trying to repair the fridge. I could have bought a new one for all they money they had spent on repairs. Still *** lady is unmoved. She was very clear in her next words to me. She stated that AHS will continue to do repairs on a fridge as long as possible before ever considering a replacement.

Copy that, *** lady. So basically, AHS is a farce. A joke. What they offer is a lie. I really should have told her to shove the warranty up her ***. You shouldn't work in customer service if you have no sympathy or empathy for your customers. Imagine the fear you would have having to place perishable goods in a fridge that you know could die at any moment. Trust me, I know and the expense of that, having to throw out an entire freezer worth of food, plus the damage to my hardwood floors from the ice melting in the freezer is huge. People can't live like that.

I would never, ever consider a home warranty with this company in the future. My fear is that all home warranty companies operate like this. Makes no sense. I bought a new fridge out of our own money after all this. Spent $650 for a beautiful stainless steel, side by side, Frigidaire floor model from Best Buy. That is about half the amount they would have spent on all repairs if we let Sears come in. Does that make sense to you? I call this whole fiasco a whole lot of LACK of COMMON SENSE.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Funds for replacement refridgerator.

American Home Shield Cons: Customer service, Lack of common sense, Turn around time.

Store Location: Tualatin, Oregon

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I had the same trouble with a hot water heater. cheaper to not pay insurance and *** the bullet when the time comes. USA insurance is a scam beyond scams.


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