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Update by user Jan 09, 2013

So it's now Jan 9th. The supervisor never called back.

I had to call them again. Same run around. They went so far as to say it was me because 2 different techs said there was no problem with the dishwasher. Apparently we gauge 'working' differently.

I gauge it by clean dishes. They gauge it by the dishwasher running through its cycle. So they turned my warranty over to Sears. The tech came out and I left him the stack of dishes I just pulled out of the dishwasher (still warm..

and yes still dirty). He I have written down that the top shelf doesn't work. ...

umm.. that was in May.... yep you guess it, he had no record of what had been done up to this point. He says his computer says its running fine.

I said i runs great.. but it doesn't clean. So unless we're going to have a magic little man sit in the dishwasher while its running we are going to round and round. He replaced the electical panel to keep the heating element working..

not even sure it was broken, but that was his attempt. So I still don't have a lot of faith.

The warranty is up in March so I'm guessing it will take that long to finish this. I'll be calling them daily till then if they still refuse to replace it....

Original review posted by user Dec 05, 2012

Moved in in March. May dishwasher quit cleaning.

They have sent 2 different contractors on 7 separate occaisions. Replaced the motor, not it. Replaced heating element, not it. Use vinegar, heat you water first, don't use jet dry stuff...

Done done and done. Still not cleaning. Contractor techs say they can't find a problem... The solution from the company....

Well if they can't find a problem we can't replace it. So to paraphrase you send out incompetent techs so I will forever have dirty dishes... WTF???? If I was trying to scam a free product it certainly wouldn't be a dishwasher...

Come on!!

And customer service couldn't care less. Worst company ever dealt with!!!!

Monetary Loss: $400.

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