over the course of the last few months my husband and I have had a blockage in our main line. we requested a plumber to come out and we paid the $100 to have Klye come out from dockland plumbing. he spent about an 1 and half at our home doing a have *** job of rodding out where he thought the blockage was. I told him and I made a note on his work order stating the the toilets were still gurgling and sewer smells we have coming out when the washer drained. 31 days later the laundry room flooded again. we had to pay another $100 to have Kyle come back out and try rodding the line out some more. I could tell he didn't know how to fix the problem because he started instructions my husband to go to Home Depot and buy items to try to fix it ourselves. that is not our job. by this time we have been charged not only our monthly amount but $300 to continue trying to stop our laundry room from flooding. On Monday of this week a service man from Rockland came out to see if he could solve this continuing problem.

when he looked at the work order from the previous plumber he was SHOCKED at how much Kyle charged you guys $735 for about $300 worth of work. Joe did a much more through job rodding 100 feet through the main line 40-70 feet through was riddled with tree roots causing the problem. Kyle hadn't gone past 30 feet.

if we hade been sent a qualified plumber in the beginning we would only have to have had one visit and paid $100 AND YOU WOULD HAVE HAD TO PAY ABOUT $400 INSTEAD OF $925.

Lets do what's right here and refund $300 to us and go after Rockland plumbing for padding the bill. I have pictures of everything that they did. Someone should also be responsible for the black mold growing on my laundry room walls due to the constant flooding. it would also be nice to be compensated for my trips to the laundry mat, my inability to shower for 4 days and the hours I spent on the phone with customer service reps I could hardly understand and refused to let me speak to management.

I will also be filing a complaint to the BBB and report that your company double charged us on October 9

I would appreciate a response ASAP

User's recommendation: research the AHS and it's subcontractors.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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