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I am tired of having home warranties in general but this takes the cake. I found a water leak in my downstairs ceiling and we had to cut the ceiling open to drain the water or else it would get worse on that day.

We called them about the leak and they sent a rude plumber that took a week to do the job first. Second, after they fix the leak they tell me they don't fix the ceiling drywall since that isn't part of their contract. I was stuck having to fix my own drywall since they don't do any real fixing of the problem. How is the drywall not covered that the water ruined?

I called them and spoke to a customer service person and explained it was only $100 in labor and parts at most and she didn't care and didn't want to fix the problem. I ended up fixing it myself with a friend much later. It makes no sense financially since I had two contracts with them and 1 fix of drywall might save them from losing $1000 in contracts in a few months.

Their customer service reps just don't care and don't get it.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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I totally agreed with your comment. The contractor recommended by AHS is not professional although they claimed they have 30 years experience.

My home ceiling has water mark. The contractor onsite said it is normail due to silicone problem in bathroom. We repaired it by ourselves since they would charge us 230$ based on the insurance rate.

Now the leaking is even worse.

I have to call them to be onsite again.

In general, AHS is not nice, they never pick up your call. They always are very busy and you have to meet their schedule.


I would be happy enough if the contractor can fix my problem.

I had one coming over giving the wrong root cause.

We thought we fixed it, but two months later, the problem is even more severe. *** it!


Like it or not, that is actually standard procedure for plumbing repairs cpmpanies. Read your contract.

I had a leaky pipe in a ceiling once.

I had to make calls to 4 different plumbers, before I could find one that would repair the leaky pipe, and then send a sub-contractor to patch the ceiling. Even then, I still had to paint it myself.

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