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I have been a customer of AHS for many years. I recently had a water heater leaking which obviously needed replacing.

Waited for service provider. Had to pay 75.00 to be told it needed to be replaced. They advised it would be an additional 750 plus for additional charges to me andit would be several more days til I would get it. I opted to get my own company which installed a new water heater for 850.

AHS said their contracted rate is 480, which I should get back. I do not understand how they would send me a company that would have an additional charge of 750 plus that I would have to pay and they would only pay 480 for water heater and installation.

Many of the complaints I have read have to do with water heater replacement. Now I will wait for the 480 reimbursement, which I feel is low.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Water Heater Warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The $480 is actually more than the AHS plumber can bill AHS for the water heater and labor, if he wants to keep working for AHS. They are more generous with the customers, believe it or not.

What would have happened, had you gone through with the AHS version of replacement, is the plumber would have billed AHS $125 minus your $75 service fee = $50. Your $750 would actually cover the water heater and the labor. But since you are taking the cash out, you will get about half the going rate of the actual job.

The AHS plumber will be penalized in points and future business because you are cashing out and costing AHS more than just the $50 they would have had to pay if you’d let their plumber do the repair. Does this sound like a racket?

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