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On 10/10/14 a technician from (So Cal Appliance) who is contracted with American Home Shield because my washer was making a lot of noise and the what was not draining when cycled to do so. The technician said he had to take the machine back to his shop because the drive shaft and the bearings were broken and he said he was not sure what else was broken he stated he had to take the machine apart to see everything that is broken. I couldn't do this because his company had to repair it. I was worried because I did not want to be without a washing machine for several days. The technician assured me that it would not vbe that long. So on Monday 10/13/14 the techician returned to my home to take the machine. I did not get my machine returned to me until 10/21/14. When the technician returned the washing machine he stated to me that everything should be good. He replaced the entire drive shaft and seals. The technician stated to me that the parts were about $350.00 for parts and about $100.00 in labor. Then the technician preceded to tell me that my machine was a lemon and I should of asked for a cash out! This upset me because this is what I asked for from the very beginning because I had had my washing machine had been worked on more than one occasion through American Home Shield and it continued to break. On 10/21/14 after the technician left I started washing clothes and my washing machine started making a really loud noise again and the water was not draining on its cycle leaving my clothes soaked. Now, I am really upset. On 10/22/14 telephoned the retention department and spoke to Tamera she reassured me she would have another company that day to come out to my home and re-evaluate my washing machine. The technician who arrived to my home for a second opinion said the other technician cut out part of my protective panel to keep the pulley from making noise. Instead of fixing the broken pulley. The 2nd opinion technician said my pulley had to be fixed as well as my actuator motor to fix my draining problem I also asked Tamera to inform the manager (Melvin) the situation. She assured the manager or herself would get back with me the following day. I did not receive a return call so I called back to America Home Shield. I spoke to Ashley regarding cash and she stated she had to put in a requisition for the cash out department to contact me. I then asked if I could speak to Melvin and she stated that Melvin had not returned anyone's calls because he had been in a meeting all day. I asked for another manager(Trish), but she was also not available. I then asked if I could speak to their manager and Ashley stated everyone is gone for the day so I would not be able to talk to any manager until tomorrow.

This entire situation could have all been avoided if the first company that was sent out by Am Home Shield would have given me the appropriate options, but instead the technician was not truthful with me. I would have done the cash out and paid the difference for another washing machine.

I am very disappointed regarding my service I have been going in circles since 10/10/14. This is very frustrating because I consistently get the run around regarding service.

I also have a trash compactor that stop working on 10/10/14. So Cal Appliance just got the part today 10/23/14 the company called today to say the part is in. This part took almost two weeks to arrive. This is ridiculous a part should not take almost two weeks to come. I hope a representative from American Home Shield can assist me in this matter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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