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I have an AHS Home warranty with your company. I put in a service request on Saturday, July 4th because my AC stopped working.

I did not hear from anyone on the fourth. I realize that is a holiday, but isn't that the point of having a Home Warranty? To get service 24/7 as needed??

Anyway, still no response on the 5th. I called the assigned contractor and their mailbox was full, no messages could be left.

I called AHS back and informed them that with my husband's asthma, we needed service ASAP. The Rep assured me she would expedite the service. Nothing happened on that date.

After an uncomfortable night, I called first thing Monday morning - 8:00 a.m. Your automated response said all agents were busy, but I would get a return call by the "next available agent." At 10 am, with no return call, I called again and asked to speak with a supervisor.

I was transferred to your Escalation Team.

I spoke with Paul, who assures me he is getting my request expedited. Since this is the same thing that was told to me yesterday, I have my doubts.

I have been on the phone with AHS since 10 am - it is now 11:15 a.m, so well over an hour.

Is this the norm for your service? This is terrible. I need this to be resolved TODAY with a service appointment today.

Your contract says you will respond within 48 hours. We are not over that amount and you are in breach of your contract.

If this is not resolved promptly, I will expect a full refund for my contract amount, as well as cancellation of my contract

User's recommendation: Just save your money in an "emergency" account and skip this product.

Location: Secaucus, New Jersey

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