Around the end of July 2020, I called American Home Shield (AHS) because the fan in my downdraft cooktop began to work periodically. They sent a repair person out who told me that I needed to replace the filter.

Although I did purchase a new filter, I was later told by AHS that the repair person should have replaced it. I was reimbursed after about a month. Then the fan stopped working completely. AHS sent another repairman out.

This time the person could not get it to start again and told me that if they could not find a part in 48 hours, they would have to replace the downdraft cooktop. Several weeks went by. I had to escalate the issue and I finally received an email that they would replace the cooktop or reimburse me approximately $1,069.04 to buy my own. I accepted the offer to allow them to purchase and install the oven.

However, they had the new over delivered and dropped on my kitchen floor without installation. I was then told that they did not have anyone in my area to install. I found someone else to install the cooktop and now they don't want to pay for the approximately $500 that I had to pay to get the cooktop installed.

They only want to pay $150. To make matters even worse, the person that I finally found to install the cooktop is a service person for AHS in my area and I was told that they did not have an installer in my area.

User's recommendation: Do not get involved with this company.

Location: Cos Cob, Connecticut

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