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i call american home shield about 3 1/2 weeks ago about my air conditioner. they sent someone out her from arnon heating and cooling service to look at the a/c and they said that i needed to get a control box cause someone must have taken the control box.

when i received that from the company of course i had to pay 130 for the box, after he tried that, then he said that i need freione in my a/c so they sent someone from the same arnon company again who just hooked up my a/c that was only blowing hot air at the time because it was hot in the house and i have asthma. i told the second person about the situation and the only thing he did was illegally hooked up the wires so i can get some ventilation, now what a wasted of time. then they sent someone else who hooked up the control box but stole my old box that was antique and he was so crazy about tha he took it. he had a long beard, and bald head.

the 3rd incident they sent someone from another place who put freion in the a/c and he told me that it wasnt holding and that i needed a compressor. well guess what i've been calling that place every since he told me about that and always get a voice mail and when i did the next week finally reach the person. i told them about the situation and she said that they will call me back in 30 minutes guess what its been over a week and a half since i complaint to someone at ahs that i will tell them my proble and call the BBB on their behinds.

im still stuck without a/c in my house and i have asthma, you think they really gives a hoot about your health or what have you's Im really disappointed in ahs, i mean really after i get this fix, which would cost over 800 dollars in my pockets cause ahs doesnt pay for that. im going to get rid of them asap.

they are nothing but a big joke and the companies they hire to work for them are very unprofessional and dont know wha the snell they are doing nor talking about.

im going through 3 different mens that came out here and still no a/c at all. im using my fans but i really need my a/c on asap. im tire of waiting for their services. they really are a big joke these past months.

and plz dont use riles heating and cooling as well.

so ghetto. nothing but lies lies lies and more lies.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Air Conditioner Warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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tooo angry and disappointed with ahs at this time. this is ridiculous and should be reported to BBB and fox news