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This is regarding my AC unit. AHA has been giving me the run around and they have not been able to diagnose my unit since February 2018.

They insisted I pay for Refrigerant after they changed the dryer and filter inside the condenser which I did. My AC is still freezing and the repairs did not correct this problem. They have refused to give me a refund on that and have sent every technician to my house. Once they cannot diagnose the problem, they pass the buck and tell me they need a second opinion.

This is more like the 10th opinion now. Some technicians they sent over will lie and tell me they will change the compressor and others the evaporator coil only for me to find out they have not sent any diagnosis to AHA. I have complained numerous times but no one seems to care. My first bad review that I gave them here promoted a call from their so called social media department.

The person assigned to me called to get different technicians pretty much and all of a sudden she went on vacation and has been on it ever since. I feel like they called me just so that I will not continue to give them bad reviews. This is an update to my previous review and things are worse now. I don’t understand how I have a home warranty company and my AC has been freezing all summer which leaves my house with little to no air, I paid $455 for refrigerant in February and $525 in July.

Stay away from this company if you can. I have paid them for a good number of months and will make sure that they fix my unit no matter how long it takes. All they care about is getting your money and maybe you will get frustrated and cancel the service.

Well, I will make sure all that money I have paid is put to use. Stay away from them and find a home warranty company that will do what they say and care enough to get reliable and experienced people working for them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Air Conditioner Repair.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Thank you for this review. I have now experience 2 summers without AC.

AHS is fully aware of the problem with the AC but somehow I have been given every possible excuse as to why it has not been repaired. They even required that I pay another service fee to "start the process again" and the results are still the same.

When you ask to be elevated to a manager no one knows how to accomplish this task. I am frustrated beyond words and feel ripped off.

@M Warsaw

After the first year with no AC, why did you double down and go for the second year? Isn’t that the definition of insanity?


The service companies only make money by selling you refrigerant and charging you for other non-covered items, such as modifications to retrofit new equipment. They know what is wrong with your system, but nobody wants to bite the bullet and pay for a new one, including YOU.

If you’ve actually been without air since February, then you value your money over your family’s comfort, and this is a game to you. You are one of those hot potato customers that’s going to continue to be passed around forever.