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The day before Thanksgiving of 2023 my hot water heater went out. One of my Thanksgiving gas happened to be an electrician and checked to see what the problem was.

Discovered that at least one if not both of the elements in the water heater needed to be replaced. I contacted American Home Shield who had one of their contractors contact me. That company sent out two incompetent technicians who said that there was electricity going into the tank, but not coming out of it. They stated that we needed to call an electrician because we had an electrical problem.

When they showed up, they did not have the proper equipment to even test the water tank and reported back to the company that the water heater needed to be replaced and it was under war. The water heater did not need to be replaced the elements I tried to contact American Home Shield and the company I kept getting the runaround American Home Shield said I was going to have to pay an additional $278 to have it fixed through them but that was only a quote. I received an email from the company that they had sent out and they stated they wanted $2500 to replace the water heater. Plus I was supposed to buy the water heater for them.

We desperately needed hot water in the house so I made another contact to a reputable company, they sent out a technician who had the problem diagnosed and fixed within one hour of his arrival. It was the elements I have attached a photo after several attempts to contact a manager and share with them calmly, my concerns. I finally got a hold of somebody who said its not their problem they were not gonna refund my hundred dollars that they were given to send somebody out to have the heater tested And I should have let them finish the work. I had to call them at least six times to speak to a manager who was less than helpful.

anyone that is considering purchasing an American Home Shield warranty plan best think about it twice of what you might be getting into. They are rude and customer service.

There is less than acceptable. By the way I now have hot water and Im very happy they listen to me in the first place, none of this wouldve happened just replace the elements and move on with it.

User's recommendation: Steer clear.

Location: Yakima, Washington

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My family is having a very similar issue. This company is scandalous. Very unprofessional and rude.

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