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Feb 2018 I call American Home Shield that my ac upstairs was leaking waterand no cool air. They send total air care to fixed the problem.

Technician came over 4times just to cleaned the evaporator coil but the leaking was not solve and advised us to replaced the coil and put freon. After 2weeks total air care replace the coil and put freon, my ac broke again no cool air. Total air came and check, leaking in the freon valve and forgot to put cover on it, that was 6times total air care came in my house for rge same problem. Last July same ac was leaking water and no cool air.

I call AHS they send ACE to fixed the problem but the technician did not fixed, he advised me to let the total air care to fixed because ther were the one who replaced the coil. And ACE tech said to me that total air care put the wrong coil. So we complain to AHS and we want another contractor but they us to pay again while if we just let total air care to fixed we don't pay anything and just give them one more change. Total air tech came over my house just to check did not fixed the problem it's 9times already and until now we have no AC upstairs.

I called AHS but still keep passing us to total air care. I have medical condition that I need my AC back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Total Air Care Air Conditioner Repair.

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The reason you keep getting passed back to the same company by AHS is that the company that did the work will have to come back for free and buy all the equipment themselves too. What you need is a new system, as that one can not be repaired.

The whole system (the air handler in the attic presumably and the condenser outside will have to replaced with a new matching set, for compatibility reasons. AHS will “cover” it, but not pay for it. Therein lies the problem. The contractor was only paid for the flat rate service call, and everything you’ve received thus far has cost the contractor money and time.

aHS has barely paid anything on your claim. You can’t make AHS pay the contractor. You can’t make the contractor bill AHS more money. If the contractor charges AHS more money, he will be let go, and on those tricky, unfixable repairs like freon leaks, it’s a never ending loss for the contractor.

He doesn’t want to lose the AHS work because he can’t get any decent work after working under these guidelines. That’s why you get the runaround and sent back to the original company. The other contractors don’t want to inherit your broken down system that someone else has tried unsuccessfully to fix. They don’t want to dump their own money into your claim either.

They need the high volume of AHS calls to make money to cover their many losses.

The prices are set way to low by AHS to actually pay to get decent work done. It’s a never ending cycle.

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