We have called and had our upstairs AC 'repaired' 5 times in over a year! Each time, they send someone out who says something different.

Now, this last time, last week, they say the coil has leaks so no freon is in the unit! They sent a request for Authorization to American Home Shield for about $1800, but we have to pay $1200 because they don't cover 'modifications'??? In my contract it says they pay for everything related to the AC - including what it takes to bring it up to code.

When the AC guy left here on Friday, I asked for an expedited authorization because it's very hot in Texas, we were expecting company, plus the MONTHS of dealing with this over and again! They said they couldn't do that - but, again, in my contract it says we CAN request expedited services!

"Under the circumstances" they offered me a 'concession' of EITHER $120 for ONE night in a hotel OR $60 to rent or buy a window unit! I told them that if they could find me a hotel for $120 per night until the AC was repaired that I would stay in, I would agree - or if they could find a $60 AC, I would agree, but she told me it 'wasn't her job'. I told her it wasn't mine either!

I also requested a 2nd opinion as stated is my right in my contract - but was told that wasn't an option. I persisted, and I am getting a second opinion, but then they also asked about offering me a CASH OUT - which will be ridiculous, I'm sure.

We ran into a similar situation with our Water Heater last year.

We ended up paying $650 for 'modifications and permits'. We should have just paid for it ourseives.

I'm not sure what they paid for - it's not even energy efficient.

We still have no AC. Our electric bill has doubled and there's a chance that running the AC with low freon all of these months has damaged the compressor.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Air Conditioner Warranty.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $1275.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I hope anyone considering going with American Home Shield reads your missive---it describes perfectly the kind of "service" AHS provides. Homeowners like to think that when something breaks they just have to pick up the phone, call AHS and all will be right with the problem lickity-split.

That's not the case and your situation sums it up very well. People would be much better off by not contracting with these home warranty companies and just saving the monthly premiums to pay for a plumber, electrician, etc. on their own. In your case, I suspect that your A/C would now be up and running had you called a local plumbing& heating company in your area to fix it.

AHS, etal.

apparently do not hire the best and the brightest repair people to fix things in your home but an independent, say pluming company in your area will usually be much more competent and reliable, etc. Bottom line: don't waste your money on these home warranty things.


The problem is that the home warranty companies are only paying an average of $200 per HVAC service call, and AHS doesn’t care what does or doesn’t get done, so long as the contractor’s average ticket total doesn’t exceed the limit. That means that there is no money for the contractor to spend on your home.

One HVAC part (like a motor) can easily cost $200 and up wholesale, and the contractor must provide it and keep the ticket total down below the target avg price determined by AHS. That monetary requirement causes ALL of the problems experienced by home warranty users. With no money to spend on claims, the contractor has no choice but to lie to the customer about it, look for claim denials and non-covered items where he can charge a high amount to the customer, and string out the repair process as long as possible. All this is done in order to get the promised high call volume of work order that AHS promises, yet always fails to deliver.

It’s just a ruse to keep the contractor chasing his tail, and keep the customer blaming the contractor.

The fault lies squarely on AHS. If they cared about their customers, they would take better care of their contractors.

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