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I have had numerous issued with American Home Shield repair companies. They jack up the bill with claims of "needing to bring the item up to code". I live in the country we don't have a code.

One company said we needed a new drip pan line and we had to remind the company that they had just replaced it 6 month earlier and unless the codes had changed in the last 6 months it was not needed.

Currently to replace my water heater which IS completely covered they want to add 6 ft to my pressure relief line at the cost of $399.00 for 6 ft of PVC oh and for the $25 drip pan it will be an additional $199.00. So all together for my covered water heater I need to pay them an additional 799.00. That's not happening.

User's recommendation: Just bank money for your home repairs.

Preferred solution: I just want my items repaired not all the upgrades proposed by repair man.

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The contractor has to charge those extras to the homeowner in order to cut their losses on the appliance Replacement itself, Since AHS makes the contractor “absorb” the cost of the new water heater and the labor. The plumber is forced by AHS to only bill AHS the service fee amount per work order, and the plumber even has to buy the new water heater himself.

The plumber has to charge the AHS customer every single dollar they can for the most outlandish things, because they are going in the hole on repairs and replacements. Claim denials are obviously much better for the plumber, but when AHS covers the claim, it is actually the plumber having to pay for it—not AHS.

Why not hire your own plumber and save the warranty expense? You’d get better service and would not have to endure the pain and aggravation.

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