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A general observation from my past experiences with American Home Shield ( AHS)

a) they sub-contract their services through second tier (minor league) companies.

b) not unusual to wait a week (or more) just to get an appointment.......( with a 4 hour window)

c) one instance, (plumbing) it took the initial visit, plus (3) more visits , ( from 2 additional contractors) THREE MORE visits + (4) hour windows of wasted time + over a week waiting for a part

Another repair for a water evacuation hose for a washing machine hose took over THREE WEEKS to resolve

Today (April 16, 2011) , I received a reply to my 'on-line' service request for a repair to an oven door.....my assigned a date is MONDAY, April 25.....( another (4) hour window ) .that's over one week to either repair or evaluate the issue.....if a part needs to be ordered ,who knows how much longer........plus ANOTHER appointment with ANOTHER (4) hour window. My oven is used EVERY DAY !!

In frustration, I called the manufacturers service department.......they will be here tomorrow, Monday the 18th and if a part is needed......they will probably have it on the truck

Thanks for listening

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The same thing happened to me last year. I had to have my Central heating and Cooling units replaced to.

After contacting American Home Shield every year and being told that I needed antifreeze and one contractor even said that I had a leakage, American Home Shield finally had the units replaced. The contractor wasted rusted water on my carpet and the walls of my hall in my home, tore down the attic ladder and the attic door which is located in the hallway of my home without my verbal permission(was told by the contractor that he would get it put back together but he didn't), left a piece of cardboard box to try to cover the big hole left in the attic (hot air came from everywhere), left a running wire hanging near the outside of my master bedroom window and routed the water drainage from the unit through my master bathroom where now I have water spots in the ceiling. To no avail, my friend helped me to hire and pay a contractor to put the attic ladder back together and up even though it is a little shaky due to the fact that the American Home Shield contractor tore it up. I contacted the contractor's boss and he sent out a bootleg person to clean the carpet in the hall tearing it and put on one coating of paint that didn't even match the other coating and never came back.

This person had his wife and children with him and had them helping him paint the hallway with a number of skipped places. Sometimes this summer, I will get the hallway repainted.

Contacted American Home Shield regarding my dryer not working (a few months after they had sent a contractor out to fix it). The first contractor's number that they gave me never contacted me.

I contacted American Home Shield again and asked for another contractor. It was almost two weeks later before he was able to come and repair the dryer.


Waste of money! When I bought my home 10 years ago I was given a year insurance with American Home Shield.

When my Central heating and cooling broke, they told me whom to call and I ended paying for the repairs, its nothing more than a scam.

But it makes home buyers feel good because they get some sort of insurance. When I sell this home I'll give the buyers the money that it will cost to insure with American Home Shield, they will have more benefits from that, than this bogus insurance company.

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