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I was told by an AHS repairman that my microwave could not be fixed. AMS told me to find a microwave and trim kit ($297.00 Allowance) and call them back with the model number.

I have called them with over 11 choices of similar 1.8 cu microwaves listed at Home Depot, Sears, Best Buy etc. for about $200. AHS lists them for over $360! What the.....

One AHS person told me some *** about they have to pay shipping and installation. I told them that I know they have a contract with some of these buyers and because they are buying a large volume, they get a big discount. Also, because I don't want the *** microwave they offered, they add a sum to the amount for excess paperwork and they will not tell you what that undisclosed amount is. So instead of the microwave costing $200, with their undisclosed sum, it may cost $250 plus their shipping charges and installation.

They will not subtract installation charges out of the total price either. I told them I don't need the microwave installed! I hate them and I think I saw an attys web site that was representing people who have problems with American Home Shield.

If you were thinking about getting this company, get someone else. I've had them for over ten years and I AM CANCELLING MY CONTRACT but I intend to sue them because it's unethical.

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I too have a microwave that went out. It is 20 yr old.

Sears tech said part to fix (transformer) is no longer available. After a few days Sears customer service calls me to give me AHS customer service # to call b/c file needs to go to "Options" dept for replacement. Several calls and over 2 wks pass with AHS. 6 wks now, I call AHS and am told the "Research" dept needs the model# of my microwave to research the part!...Uh what?

I asked the Supervisor I spoke with, "In reviewing my file & what I've told you...Is this typical customer service?" She told me "nothing is typical." I said that is unacceptable because in my consideration of renewing this warranty this month, I would expect you to say typical is your company strives for excellent customer service and timely resolve of issues. -AHS is a scam!

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