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I can not believe how this story has multiplied with the same story line. i have experienced the same thing having the plumber come to my residence and tell me "Yep it needs to be replaced" ....

No @#$% Sherlock. I was out of hot water for two days before a plumber was given the 24hr rule to respond by AHS contract due to the fact that it was a weekend and the contract stated "working days". the plumber advised that he would give AHS a call and someone would contact me that night ...yeah call back. i contacted AHS and they stated to me "the plumbers info has not reached their portal...WHAT!!!!!

(all the words your mom told you not to say me out....). Plumbers report advised several things needed that the plumber advised that were not needed. AHS advised that they did not cover these items. Out of pocket for would be $1100...(i don't think so...more of moms words followed).

Seven (7) days no hot water...Home Depot here i come...... AHS ..advised that i would get a Cash In Lieu ($400).

Where do you get a water heater for $400....( I couldn't). Is this worth all the (moms don't say words).

Product or Service Mentioned: Plumbing Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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$900 is what a total water heater replacement job costs if the tank is electric. Customers should be willing to spend that on a licensed plumber bringing a quality water heater brand, an expansion tank, and all copper piping—not flexible hoses or quick connectors—including the removal of the old water heater.

If that is unaffordable, then the homeowner should buy and install a water heater themselves using YouTube tutorials. Home warranties are a complete joke. The home warranty plumber cannot do the job for what they get paid, so they have to make up the difference somehow. $400 is more than twice what the AHS plumber would have been paid by AHS for replacement of your water heater and he would also have to provide the water heater and accessories.

It’s impossible! There is no use in a home warranty policy, except to cause delays and aggravation.


I hope you didn't get involved with this group because of their TV commercial. These so-called "home warranties" aren't worth the paper they're printed on and generally cost more than the service rendered had you handled the situation yourself.

You can't really consider these tings "warranties" in the style of a factory or manufacturer's warranty.

Rather, consider an insurance company - get you back to where you were yesterday - and the twin departments of Delay and Deny. Keep your money and make your own repairs or replacements as need be and you'll come out ahead 9 times out of 10.

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