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I needed my toilet to be unclogged. Next available was the next day.

This is a toilet not a sink. It couldn't wait till the next day. I am very dissatisfied.

I'm going to drop them and go with another company. I don't understand why it took so long.

Product or Service Mentioned: Toilet Repair.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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The reason your service request takes so long to process through a home warranty is lack of moolah the home warranty companies (all of them) pay next to nothing, and it’s a flat price—meaning that some jobs do not pay any better than others. There is no incentive to hurry up and handle emergencies faster, and lets face it, isn’t everybody’s house breakdown an emergency?

The home warranty plumber can’t distinguish one call from the other, financially speaking, and everyone is yelling at him that theirs is an emergency. Everyone has a baby or elderly person in the house, all of a sudden. Also, because the AHS plumber is only employed by home warranty companies, due to his lack of availability and a bad reputation, he is covered up with low paying undesirables, instead of true customers, who would make the 10 years it took to become a Master Plumber worthwhile. Home warranty calls keep him so busy with high volume rather than high pay, therefore he doesn’t have time to cultivate his own clientele.

As the bad word of mouth spreads, he becomes more dependent on home warranty work. Eventually, he will be let go from the AHS, for charging too much (even though he’s operating at a loss)or for hacking off the wrong person. Then he will be changing his company name in order to lose the stigma. It’s an abusive relationship, and I don’t understand how anybody can, in good conscience, buy a home warranty and expect something for nothing from the contractors—knowing how abused they are.

But.... most people are completely self-centered narcissists, because it’s all about looking out for number one.

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