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I am customer for American Home Shield more than two year. I am so surprise of their treatments for their customer.

Please take a time for reading my story for fixing water leakage with American Home Shield.

And if possible, please let my story people know it.

There was water leak from air conditioner at July 10 2020. And I requested service at the same day and paid 120$ as a deductible. And American Home Shield assigned a local aircon service company (consolidated Mechanical cont. INC).

A technician from the local company visited my home at July 14. He just went up roof where air conditioner is placed and came down. He said I cant find water leakage from aircon even though water was flowed out on the ceiling of a room due to water leakage. He said I will not charge for service, so you call American Home Shield again.

He left even though we asked proper service. It passed 5 day after first water leakage. So we complained American Home shield at weekend and the next Monday(July 17). After complaint, American Home shield assigned the same company (Consolidated Mechanical cont.

INC) again at July 18, even though we complained the company because of poor service. So we contacted Consolidated Mechanical INC at July 18, they said the technician cant access air condition, so they cant do service, It is out of their policy. We had to call again to American Home Shield and explain what happened with the local service company. And I really surprised their poor local service network pools.

How can they have only one company for servicing aircon issues at whole phoenix area!!! After water leakage, It passed 1.5 weeks, and at July 17, American Home Shield said they cant do anything because technician cant access aircon. I argued and complained strongly about their customer service mindset. Finally American Home shield assigned another company (AIR COMMAND LLC) for second estimation, and an technician from Air Command LLC came to my home at July 21.

He just got rid of water of pan (water plate) and said there are 3 missing part at my air conditioner, and the cost is 1108 and those are not covered because of missing part. I am an Electrical engineer. I cant trust Air con was operated during 15 years without 3 parts. It passed 2 weeks after water leakage.

So I hired a technician from local aircon service company at July 22. The technician, who I hired, said Aircon didnt miss 3 parts, and 3 things are required for stopping water leak 1) deep clean for coil 2) replace float AC switch 3) flush water drain, and the cost for that is 707$. So I and my son contacted American Home shield at weekend and Monday several times. It passed 2 weeks, and leaked water wetted roof, insulator and ceiling continuously.

My son called American home shield for explaining the whole situations several times, and he desperately gave up conversation with American Home shield because they insisted consistently that without missing part payment(1080$), they dont do service for water leakage. Finally I called American Home shield at July 24. I asked to representator of the company what were missed? After argument, she said parts doesnt missed, but parts didnt cover by my policy.

So I asked what part is not covered?, and She said water pan is half size. I said actually It is not matter, half size or full size?, My house have two aircon units and the leaked aircon unit is small. Water leakage is not due to pan size but dust coil, broken float AC switch, and blocked water drain After long conversation, She agree on the reason for water leakage, and she propose that she will apply cash-out option for treating water leakage, and the approval will take one or two day. It passed too long time after water leakage( moving to 3 weeks).

I thought that she understand and agree on the reason for water leakage, so cash-out will be approved soon due to urgency. I made appointment with the technician, who was hired and estimated the cost(707$) at Thursday (July 27). It was passed almost 3 weeks after water leakge!!!!!!!. I called to American Home shield at Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for checking the status for cash-out.

And they responded the cash-out process is pending still. Meantime, The technician came to my house and fixed water leakage easily and completely at Thursday(July 27). And I kept to call to American Home shield until today. And American Home shield finally responded me that they cant cover my payment for water leakage due to missed 3 parts.

I decided two things. 1) cancelling service contract with American Home Shield immediately 2) announcing my story to people.

Why to fix just water leakage is so difficult and complicate? Why I had to pay the service charge even though I am customer more than two year for American Home shield?

Please help me by transferring my story about American Home Shield.

Please image what happened to me during more than 3 weeks. It was really stress to me due to continuous water leakage at my home, have to call to American home shield every day, have to explain the same thing to representators every times.

Monetary Loss: $450.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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