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Service guy came to repair trash compactor and he found one less than 3 inch bone and he has make an issue that because of the compactor got burnt out. I said if a compactor can't handle 3 inch bone then it should not be called as compactor.

He is not ready to accept the fact that the same machine I am using more than 10 years and every machine has life. For the past 5 years I am just paying to AHS to take care of this kind of incidents. AHS has simply denying to repair or replace compactor. AHS is a blood sucker.

They only need our money. Every year without my information they are renewing the contract.

I would you want yourself to be ripped off join hands with this unethical company. BLOOD SUCKERS..

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Sterling, Virginia, United States #1173932

American Home Shield or choice warranty or any company make billions of dollars cheating!

When they sign you up.. They give you a rosy picture but when time comes for repair or replacement..

They don't want to abide by it.

I wish I had read these comments before signing AHS.

They denied my claim for garbage disposal that there is a foreign object stuck inside without feeling it, without seeing it?

Bunch of ***!

The garbage disposal went dead. So, I am cancelling my service with AHS. Last month..

My 3 car garage doors were not working properly.. They again said that they don't cover this item and the cost to repair and replace the spring and wheels..$550. My refrigerator was not working.. They won't replace the compressor or any repairs because they said the area was dusty.

A company called vertex appliance repair in Virginia denied and AHS denied to repair. It's one thing after another.. I have 9 different contracts with AHS.. Today..

I am cancelling all contracts with AHS and 9 contracts with Choice home warranty(they are even worst) z The most technicians are uneducated and don't know anything about repairs.. I had a former taxi driver who is a plumber now.. They are only concerned about taking the $75 and they run. STOP WASTING MONEY FOR UNNECESSARY FEES TO ANY HOME WARRANTY COMPANIES..

When you could do on your own or hire someone qualified. In long run..

You pay more for all then making these companies rich. Good luck


You post a picture of your kitchen sink with *** in it! Based on this pic and the wording in your complaint.

It leads me to believe that you have "trash compactor" confused with what is actually a "garbage disposal"! Anyone with half a brain knows that you DON'T run bones down a sink's GARBAGE DISPOSAL!!! Doing so, you are only asking for a burnt out disposal.

Based on your own negligence; (you don't know the difference between a COMPACTOR and a DISPOSAL), A.H.S. is well within their contract to not pay for your claim!!!

Trash compactor or garbage disposal??? Why is the picture of a sink?? :upset

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