Everything! I have serious concerns about my personal security and safety from one of the contractors technicians, Stanley!

Your advertisements said REPAIR OR REPLACE. And I am NOT happy with your service at all! I have had nothing but problems with your company and the contractor you have chosen to service my 2 appliances. The first Ice Maker technician Don was the ideal technician for being kind, nice, courteous, polite, professional with a love for the job and tremendous know-how.

This complaint is about my Ice Maker I have had 5 appointments set and tomorrow 8/21/21 1pm to 5pm PST is the 6th one. I am scheduled for the 6th appointment. I have had a major complaint about an A&;E Sears Service Repair man named Stanley, who was rude, disrespectful, discourteous, incompetent, nasty dirty, didn't wash his hands, did NOT wear gloves, stuck his visibly filthy hands up in the canal of my ice maker, would not use a cup to catch the ice as I requested, was disrespectful, threatening, argumentative, talking rude to me, telling me "I don't have to be here". And he defied my request to use a cup for the ice maker and the ice chips that he allowed to fall all over my floor, which I had mopped earlier that morning.

He did not acknowledge his error, stepped on the ice chips and tracked it to the sink. Then he commented on the water that was on the floor from the water dispenser that I had shown him which was about 2 tablespoons to prove where the problem existed, which I had wiped up immediately. I told him he was NOT going to disrespect me in my home and to get out because I don't tolerate disrespect in my home by anyone! I had to tell him twice to remove himself from my home, and I had to call my son into the room.

Then he left. He put my health in danger as well as I felt threatened by him. I am 69 years old and with this covid climent amidst everyone, I must be very careful who and how a person conducts themselves in my home. informed A&E Sears Service Repair NOT to send Stanley and to send Don who initially came for the first ice maker appointment.

He was knowledgeable of the trade and skills to ensure my refrigerator would soon be working, plus he washed his hands and had no problem with that request. I have spoken with numerous customer service individuals at AHS as well as A&E Sears Service Repair. If my refrigerator cannot be fixed and if they send Stanley which I demanded he does NOT come to my home; I want a replacement refrigerator as your advertisement states. Your company has inconvenienced me plus set an appointment and lied about not showing up and only offered apologies yet nothing is fixed not have I been compensated.

I am still paying $44.99 per month and not getting the service I have paid for not to mention the $100 for the initial service call..

Additionally, hen I call AHS customer service they hang up on me and that has caused me to need to call back and wait another 10 to even 20 plus minutes to speak with someone.

I have encountered that they say there is a bad telephone connection to not have to deal with me fort to have a situation corrected. I need results and II resolution .

Location: Burbank, California

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