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An Attorney should open up a Lawsuit against this Company

I plan on contacting the BBB and making a Formal complaint!

Do not give this company your money. I bought my Contract with my home. Everything in the house was warranties. If they couldn’t fix it they would replace it. I used them years ago several times and have been paying for 5 years and never calling just paying close to $50.00 a month.

I had a water softener H2O that broke and they sent Jet Out. I saved the texts since July 7

He took pictures and said he would turn it into Insurance. Months went by I would call because I had hard water showing in my faucets and I could taste the water. They would give me the run around and say we will call Jet. Weekly I would call and I felt totally ignored. I would ask for a supervisor and it seemed as if most of the calls were in third world countries. I kept calling because here I am paying a company $50.00 a month that isn’t taking care of me and I am a Property Manager.

I then started asking for the CEO’s phone number or address. They would tell me in every call they don’t like to give out their address or phone information. I said how can you own a business and you aren’t being taken care of and you can’t write a complaint to the owners.

The biggest run around.

I called the owner of Jet and he came over to see what was going on and he said the guy that originally came out quit. That was a big lie too. I called the guy cause I have his texts in my phone and he said he never quit. Then the owner of Jet told me in November 4 months later they don’t do water softeners

Omg wow what a huge huge thief this company is

I read so many negative reviews of how they take the money but don’t complete the work.

Then when I called to speak to a Supervisor she also lied and said the guy that first came out quit when he said he was still working for Jet and never quit.

I saw a commercial last night on tv

I was so upset they are fraudulently saying in their commercials they do water heaters when I asked the Supervisor when she said they didn’t do water softeners did they do water heaters and she said no. So it’s one lie after another!!

I pray someone stops them and an Attorney open up a Law suit and include me in it.

This is really dishonest practice.

I am canceling my auto pay and contacting my bank.


Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Water Heater Warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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They sell peace of mind. You had it, right up until you needed them to pay for something, so I wouldn’t call it a complete waste.

Sorry you had to wake up from the peaceful dream of security and safety, unicorns and roses, only to find out that you will have to resolve your own issues with your home appliances. The $50 per month is gone. They get the better end of every deal. Even when there is a payout, it is the contractor who pays for it, not AHS.

That’s why the contractors have to play games and act as if they don’t know what’s going on. The contractors are the ones that have to pay to fix things, and if they charge AHS they will lose the contract. Do you know how healthcare works in say, the county jail? A healthcare company is under a contract to handle all the inmates medical needs for a flat total price, regardless of how many inmates or how sick they are.

The less medicine and medical treatments that are supplied, the more money the contractor gets to keep, and try to get contracts with other jails. It’s kind of the same premise with home warranties. The contractor doesn’t get much money at all and if they end up having to spend any money on your house, the contractor will lose money. Therefore they try not to need parts or new equipment, only some wire, tape, canned air, glue, screws, etc.

they can’t spend a lot of time on each job because they are contracted to handle ALL of the AHS jobs in a huge territory (150 mile radius) and possibly even the customers from different warranty companies other than AHS. So if they get hung up at one job for more than a few minutes, they are burning money and *** off all the other customers who are angrily waiting. Just look at all the complaints on here and tell me if any of this rings a bell. The best thing to do is for THE CUSTOMER to get rid of all home warranty contracts and let the rest of the fools find out for themselves.

How is complaining to the BBB or anybody else going to make them stop?

They sell paper and words that make people feel happy. When the happiness vanishes into thin air, they can cancel the contract.

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