I was with out heat for 30 days and and could not get any help from American home shield ! I finally hired a new company to help me fix my problem!

I think there should be a class action lawsuit against this company ! They intentionally put you off , tell you they will call you back and never do . You deal with call-center people who don’t tell the truth . I spent over 30 hours on the phone , trying to get help and could never talk to the same person !

This was the most unprofessional , scam of a company ! Please don’t ever use this company it is a complete waste of premiums

Paid !

They will not help you ! I have talked to many other people who have had the exact same experience with American home Shield !

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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AHS is a terrible company and requires congressional investigation. Employees will not cancel accounts when requested.

Software will not allow customers to cancel accounts online. Please cancel your accounts with AHS.


Customers have all the authority needed to shut this down. Simply stop buying these worthless policies and refuse to accept one at closing on home purchases.

Realtors are guilty of accepting kickbacks (which are illegal) for selling home warranties. The home warranty companies like AHS will adapt to any change in their environment in order to stay in business, as they have done for many years. The only solution is to put them out of business the old fashioned way, by refusing to do business with them. Congressional investigation?

Really? With all the problems in the world? If consumers are dumb enough to believe everything promised by insurance companies, we are beyond help.

What we really need is less government control and regulations, and more freedom for capitalism to grow the economy. With freedom comes personal responsibility, however, and Americans threw that out some time ago.


Sorry you went through this, but there is a reason that this keeps happening to all their customers. I work for a contractor who does home warranty work and I see what is taking place with ALL the home warranty companies from this side of things.

The reason is that the contractors used by home warranty companies are under contract to keep the charges to AHS down way below an unrealistic set price—no matter what work is needed. We even have to supply all the parts and new units for the low low price of around $200 per claim. That means that we first have to look for a way to have the home warranty company sent the claim so we dont have to buy anything. We get to keep the $200 even if the claim is denied.

Your service fee that you paid covers half of that. If that doesn’t close the claim, then we have to look for the non-covered items that we can charge the customer for so that we can recoup some of the money we are going to lose on this claim. If AHS “covers” everything on this claim, that means we have to fix it for the $200. Well, as you can guess, most broken down HVAC units can’t be fixed for $200.

We don’t get a discount on parts. We buy from local suppliers and pay full price. We can’t get parts at a “deal” just because we work for home warranty companies. We don’t buy in bulk.

We try not to buy at all! Most of the broken down units covered by a home warranty policy needed replacing years ago. All we can do is try to delay having to spend our own money on these often unfixable or not-worth-repairing units, so we can get more new work orders from AHS. AHS counts every statistic imaginable on their work orders.

If we charge AHS any more than the pre-set amount that the Contractor Relations Representative over us has determined, then we lose our contract. All home warranty company service providers have bad reputations and reviews due to these monetary limitations, and can’t survive in the retail market because of all the complaints. It becomes a slave market. The only thing that will change it is for the customers to STOP buying these plans and hire small local businesses instead.

AHS will deny that they are forcing contractors to do this work for basically free, of course. That’s because we CAN charge more, but it will be the end of our working for AHS, so no we can’t.

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