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I had two plumbers out yesterday because of a drainage problem in the spare bathroom tub. They attempted to snake it, but do to issues with the auger were going to come back after the weekend.

In the meantime, it has been discovered that the pipe leading to the septic has come apart under the house. Presumably from the attempts to auger. Anything flushed down the toilet is dumping under the house. That's right.

I'm basically pooping and peeing under my house. I contacted AHS, and was told not to use the toilets until the plumbers come back and fix the problem. Possibly not until Tuesday. Today is Saturday.

Completely disgusting, unsanitary and unacceptable. AHS also states they are not responsible for the waste removal under the house once the problem is fixed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Plumbing Service.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

American Home Shield Pros: Ability for chat.

American Home Shield Cons: Refusal to assist me.

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You've apparently been doing it for a while now and just realized it. Now all the sudden it's some emergency that people need to drop what they are doing just for you?


Obviously, the drainage problem was due to an inadequate flow due to a problem with the drain pipe. The snake just made it worse but didn't cause the initial problem.

As for your bathroom needs until you can get it fixed, there is always the lawn for number one and the nearest McDonald's or similar for number two. For 2-3 days, you can survive.