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Today is Thursday, August 11, 2016. Our central air unit went out 8 days ago, Thursday, August 4, 2016, with the temperature in the upper 90s to low 100s range for this entire week.

AHS sent a technician out from their local contractor, Meyers Air Conditioning, late the following day. After a cursory examination of the outside unit, without opening it up, the technician listed it as the compressor having gone out. We were told that we could expect to hear back from Meyers the following Monday and likewise to expect the compressor to be replaced NOT LATER THAN TUESDAY, AUGUST 9th. We have yet to hear back from Meyers that they have even been able to locate the replacement compressor, and have independently learned from three other air conditioning contractors that a compressor is probably not still manufactured for a unit as old as our's.

Manufacturing date on the outside of this Trane unit shows as February 1990. We spent over an hour "on hold" just to reach AHS about this, and was told by "Bob" that he would refer this problem to their "Options" department, and that Options would be back with us about it promptly. As of today, we have not heard a word back from AHS whatsoever, let alone have received any kind of "buy out" quote from their Options dept. The heat has forced us to move out of our home and in with out in-laws.

After the lack of a replacement compressor being available within a reasonable time, and this obviously negligent or deliberate avoidance by AHS Options Dept., we are therefore convinced that AHS has vacated their right to "repair" under the contract and now are responsible to "replace" under it. We CANNOT get the AHS OPTIONS DEPT. on the phone, despite numerous tries. I am frankly fed up with staying "on hold" for over an hour and not being able to get through to anyone at AHS.

This failure on AHS's part to make a timely repair under these severe weather conditions is being turned over to our attorney, Michael Fritz here in Montgomery, Alabama, on the basis of "breach of contract" by AHS failing to make a timely repair of the compressor or likewise a failure of AHS to begin replacement of the unit. We are still "stranded" away from home due to the heat. As I write this, it is presently 96 degrees inside of our home, with fans circulating "hot air" from outside in an effort to cool our home down. I also suffer from a chronic lung disease and congestive heart failure, and the heat is certainly not making that feel any better.

This failure of AHS to correct the problem in a timely manner speaks volumes about the company's business ethics and integrity. It is obvious that they are, in my best and well-considered opinion, a highly developed "Interstate Insurance Fraud Scam" that needs to be addressed by the Federal Courts through litigation and/or prosecution. Although it will obviously take a considerable amount of time, the initiation of a Federal Class Action litigation may be warranted against AHS for Insurance Fraud stemming from deliberate and extremely multiple breach of contract situations. Mr.

Fritz is exploring that possibility, and I believe he is looking for an attorney who is more experienced in this field to join in any litigation that is filed. Likewise, the possibility of obtaining an Emergency Injunction against AHS is being explored, to force AHS to begin work in compliance with their contract.

We have already secured estimates from three reputable local air conditioning contractors to replace the defective unit, and each is well-above what we anticipate AHS will offer us as a "buy out" for the burned out unit. We now feel that litigation for breach of contract or the mentioned Class Action lawsuit is our only remaining way of dealing with AHS about their failure to make a timely repair or to initiate a replacement as AHS has stated in their policy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Air Conditioner Repair.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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