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Placed work order for water heater issue (no hot water) on about 10 Mar 19 and had to wait about 48 hours to get work order processed. Then finally received a call from Plumber Contracted to perform the job.

They came out on 13 Mar to conduct an assessment of what need to be done. Then informed me that they had to contact AHS to approve the replacement of the water heater. AHS called me around 5:30 on 13 Mar 19 stating that they approved the replacement, however there was an additional cost of $580.00 that they would not cover. I then attempted to call the Plumbing Agency they hired to pay the cost and get them to replace the water heater.

They were closed. I called them on 14 Mar @ 0800 and they needed payment before they could start. I paid them and then was informed the soonest they could come out to replace the water heater was 21 Mar 19. This would make it 12 days with no hot water.

This is unacceptable. Water and heating issues should be priority fix items.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Water Heater Warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It’s good you are letting people know that a home warranty is not a good idea to save either time or money. And time equals money!

The plumbing company I work for installs (to paying customers, not home warranty) 50 gallon electric water heaters including the water heater, parts, fittings and labor for $865. There is no wait or extra charges for paying customers. That is completely outside of home warranty work. The scenario you explained of having to wait 12 days and pay $580 out of pocket (plus, I’m assuming, your service fee?) is a perfect example!!!!

AHS is not paying the plumber anything on your behalf. You don’t need a home warranty. Just give your business to the small local businesses in your area and you will save so much time and aggravation. Please learn from this experience and share with others.

The home warranty business is not going to change. They aren’t violating any laws so nobody can make them do the right thing. It is not the contractors’ fault either. It is just a corporation that capitalized on the vulnerability and ignorance of homeowners who are afraid of the high costs of home repairs in highly regulated trades.

More government regulations will only make the costs go even higher. It already costs tradesmen a fortune to stay in business and then customers turn to home warranties to avoid the costs. Well, somebody has to pay the costs or there will be no repairs. Shop small and local.

Support the local businesses. They are everywhere, trying to earn a living doing hard work.

$865 for a complete water heater installation is all it costs. No wait.

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