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Steve Burnett Friday, January 25, 2013Chief Marketing OfficerAmerican Home Shield(re: contract #109949402)“We strive to make your life easier.” A quote from the AHS booklet. I am relating an incident that wouldMake life anything but easier.

Several days ago my tenant living at #69 Racquet Club in Palm Springs, California reported to AHS a Problem with no hot water. AHS sent a plumber, who identified the problem and told them after accepting the AHS Service call fee that there would be a problem. Now a quote from an Email my Tenant sent. “Yeah!

That was fast. Certainly faster than the plumber here. They showed up Monday, *** with it for two hours before discovering they had the wrong part and had to order it from Whirlpool. Got their co pay, said I would have to also pay for overnight delivery or....wait 5 to 7 days.

Okay, part was supposed to show up here at the condo yesterday, no show. Called plumber this morning, I have to call Whirlpool to check on it, tried calling Whirlpool, get recording due to long wait time call back another time. Called warranty company, told me same thing, I have to call Whirlpool and gave me the same number. “Not good.

That was 2 days ago. Last evening received this…”Finally managed to track down the part for the water heater, should be here sometime today. Now to get the plumber back out again.Why does it all have to be so difficult? “ One fee should suffice for one job, not several for each trip.It is January and no hot water for days, even in Palm Springs, this is unacceptableI have had AHS warranty on this condo for the past 4 years and called in one time previously to have aDisposal unstuck…….not much for having paid in close to $2000.00 in the past 4 years.

Your information booklet states water heater replacement for 587.00, I see them at Home Depot and Lowe’s for $328.00 installed, and don’t know but perhaps they had the part tofix it also. I have hadAHS on properties and my own house since 1987. I think this incident is unwarranted from a company like yours. There are other warranty companies,According to my real estate associates and friendsthat say they perform better than AHS, perhaps AHS Has gotten a little too big.

THIS IS NO WAY TO TREAT PEOPLE WHO TRUST IN YOU.I am extremely disappointed in this incident and the service to recover. Shame on you!Copies of this letter will go to , then tenants, co owner of the property, Robert Morgan in Los Angeles, Consumer advocated in Riverside County, CA, Consumer advocate in Richland county South Carolina.Also there will be reviews posted on Face book, Craig’s list, and other such reviewing agencies. Please resolve this matter promptly.

Very Sincerely, Tyson Forrester1728 York Dr. Columbia , SC 29204Am

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