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AHS (American Home Shield) is one of mostly used and reputed home warranty companies around. AHS provides home warranty protection services nationwide. Some of the homeowners warranty plans are criticized for lack for customer service, but par of the blame goes to customers who fail to read the contract fine print.

AHS recently announced a class action lawsuit settlement for breech of contract. The litigation is about not making repairs and replacement per the contract. AHS is admitting no wrong doing and it denies the claims and says it is agreeing to the settlement to avoid costly legal proceedings.

You can file a claim if you purchased your home warranty between July 24, 2001 and December 31, 2008 provided you were denied service during the above period. The claims settlement website has all details here –

UPDATE: One of our readers posted another similar settlement which can be found at

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I have a new one for you. How about the service provider that is incompetent and can't fix the problem covered by the contract. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear - I guess there was not sound.


To all of those trying to blame the individual, you are wrong and arrogant at the same time. Until you know all about the individuals that were affected by AHS and their shady contractors, you are doing nothing but blowing steam off on a subject you know nothing about.

Please go read their contracts and explain to the thousands of denied claims why covered items were denied for no reason. Please take time and get off your high horse about AHS, they are not the golden company you think they are.


It is sickening how all of these people try to put the blame on someone else!! If you would read your contracts, AHS does what it has contracted to do.

Because the warranty company doesn't do what YOU want them to do, you complain! Seriously people....READ YOUR CONTRACT. AHS has helped sooooo many people.

Why do you think their renewal rate is so high??? It's because the people who understand and READ their contract, know how valuable their warranty is!!!


So when AHS service sucks Sam thinks the problem is you didn't read the fine print of a fraudulent vile contract.


Hey Sam:

Wonder who you work for?????


Every home warranty company has law suits filed against them. You always see AHS because they are the largest and most popular.

When customers don't read their contract and expect a 600 dollar warranty to cover everything, they get upset. People....READ YOUR CONTRACT!!!!

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