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Have been a customer's now for 10years. Had 3 contractors say unit needed replaced. Water pan was in bad shape it was approved in Jan. Everyone says by the time you take the drain pan out and put a new one in you have to take the whole unit apart it would be better to replace the unit I have written it up Time After Time! So they sent the contractor out to look at drain pan.

That Companies tec. Took all of 10 min.looking at it. Inform me we had mold!! But, stated I want tell them! Liars, ahs calls says, contactor states you have mold ..lots of mold! He will put new unit in for 6,000.00 . I asked her how they could identify mold without testing it! They are not mold specialist! So this now avoids the whole 10 years I paid toward my warranty and that will not cover my AC unit. I am awaiting another contractor to come out and tell me or tell them there is no mold they aren't mold specialist! There is no mold outside I live on a sandhill. I tried to explain to the payout division that AC people are not mold specialist!!

Informed her she could send out a hundred AC people.

In South Carolina you have to have you don't have to have it's a good thing to have a termite bond which we have always had where there is moisture there is bugs and where there is bugs there is mold

The contractor's office stated when I called back that next day that they did not mention mold it was against their work ethics to say mold! The contractor that's holding though water pan never contacted me back about putting the pan in he told me he wanted $1,200 to put a pan under there! And that it would be stupid to take the unit out and put a pan in it when the unit is so old they don't want to do the job!

All this info was pertaining to the pan that was supposed to be replaced in January! So that other company they sent out is the one that stated I have mold in it! From my understanding to see mold you would have to take stuff apart he didn't have any tools. Makes me wonder how many elderly people and dumb people that the contractor has told them you have mold and then freak out and pay the company six grand to put a new AC unit in!

Company name is Hospitality Heat and Air Columbia sc and Rock Hill SC! Even this company tells me I need a new heating and air condition they were trying to get it based on lying and saying I have mold! So what if I had mold in my duct work he didn't even go under my house, nor in my house

He stated my house has asbestos tape on the ductwork under the house that he didn't even go under! I bought this warranty because I thought it would take the worry away is what they advertise by being under warranty!!

I have also researched and if it were mold.. just say, it is not mold! I know it isn't because the man was here June 6th another contractor and if he has seen anything suspicious he would have let me know and I just renewed my termite Bond and there is nothing but dirt dust under my house!

And besides all that they are not qualified environmentalist! If anyone here is interested in a class action lawsuit please respond back!

Product or Service Mentioned: Air Conditioner Repair.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Sorry, but there is no policy, plan, or scheme that will “take the worry away”. You have been “American Home shielded”.

The contractor is concerned with his numbers, because you have a major problem with your AC system—it’s going to cost the contractor, not AHS. AHS makes the contractor fix it for the capped price of $200, or sacrifice his relationship and future business with AHS, all while complying with stringent state and local requirements on installation codes. The problem is that AHS penalizes the contractor for any billing over $200 per call, to the point that the contractor is willing to absorb any costs in excess of $200. They can pass along certain costs to the homeowner, wherever there are coverage gaps, in the form of non-covered charges.

Claim denials are a more expedient way for the contractor to avoid having to absorb the cost of replacing your system. The cost will never hit AHS’ wallet, either way. That is where the public is so misled.

They think AHS is going to just “cover” and pay for repairs and replacement, but it’s actually the contractors that pay for it, in exchange for a high volume of $200 calls. Buy a new AC system yourself, because you don’t want those guys butchering your system and doing a halfassed job anyway.

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