american home shield treats its employees like ***. my son in law has worked there for 4 years until i was taken to hospital for an apparent heart attack and he drove my daughters to be with me in des moines which is 2 hours away.

he called in to work at 7 am to tell them what was going on they called him back at 4:30 pm to tell him he was fired he had too many points against him to call in that day.

he got the other points against him when his step father was dying in a des moines hospice last year and they would not let him take fmla because it was his step father and not his biological father. this is how they treat their employees so as a consumer you don't have much of chance with them.

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You need to research the federal "Family Medical Leave Act" [FMLA]. This will guide you on how to proceed.


This issue is NOT irrelevant. It is a good indicator of the character of this company.

I got a free one year warranty with the purchase of a house. I will never consider renewing with this company after reading all the *** they put people through.


I agree with the comment.

Best wishes for the future.


I hope you're feeling better, but your problems with your son's employer are hardly relevant to a consumer site. Your post is totally inappropriate.

I hope you and your son find better days ahead.

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